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parkerbomar 09-29-2013 10:56 AM

Terminus Atlanta, Worlds best wakeboard park OPEN!
Come on over and shread if your around. I have been riding all weekend it is great. run by great guys!

10-03-2013 7:26 AM

WOW!!! What a nice place. Took my son over yesterday afternoon for a two hour session and he was quite pleased. There were absolutely no snags or start up issues. Sign up was extremely quick and the ride line moved quickly. As this place matures it is only going to get better and pull folks in from all over the Southeast and other areas. We will probably make the 45 minute trip from our home once a week or more when Lanier gets too cold. The guys leading/ working at this effort appear to be regimented and although SMG Team Riders, are separating the business from the fun factor quite well.

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