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captain_vilfo 09-26-2013 9:21 AM

Board Comparison Thread (Code 22, AR-1 etc)
So its that time of year where all these new boards are being released and I start to look at my old set up ('11 shane 142 w/ '11 ronix one bindings) and I think to myself how good I'd look strapped into that new set up. A couple of the new boards have caught my eye and I was just wondering if any of you could provide any insight. Mind you I'm about 6'3" 180 so im looking for a bigger deck with a little more speed than the shane with that same pop.

Out of all the research I've done (I've been pretty much reading every board review on this website) I've narrowed it down to a few decks. Right now its looking like the Code 22, AR-1, Marek. Obviously the price concerns me because they're all $500+ decks which is exactly why I'm trying to get as much information as possible before making a decision since demos in central NY are hard to come by.

So far I'm leaning towards the Code 22 due to its aggressive three stage rocker and speed that its said to have so I feel like the transition from my 3-staged shane would be the easiest. With that being said, I've heard so much about the Marek that I feel its worth a look. The AR-1 I haven't heard too much about but was hoping that for the ones who have ridden it could possibly tell me how it rides. The continuous rocker for the Marek and AR-1 concerns me a little as I have always ridden a 3 stage but maybe you guys could convince me otherwise. (they always say in the description "has amazing pop" but lets be real, they say that for every deck)

I'm open to all suggestions for other brands as well! Even though I'm not too fond of the new LF decks or of pro-models of kids that are like 10 years younger than I am...

stephan 09-26-2013 9:34 AM

The only one I really feel qualified to talk about is the AR1. For a continuous board, it does have very good pop. The reason being, is it carries its width through the entire profile. So its pop is less derived from the rocker and more a function of increased surface area. On the water it is a loose skatey feel that locks in when on edge. For as wide a board, I was surprised at how much speed it carried and how that translated to landings, it is really fast on landings. Rathy rode 3 stage for years, I think you will be surprised how good it rides.

Hopefully you can try a few things and figure out what works best for you.

skiboarder 09-26-2013 9:47 AM

The Code is a great way to go. It is an absolute workhorse of a board and very easy to ride. It did everything right (pop, edging, speed, forgiveness) and my first set on it was a fun one. To me, that is a mark of a great shape.

captain_vilfo 09-26-2013 2:54 PM

stephan I notice you ride a different board, what about the rathy didnt you like to not make it your main set up? Or was it just a buddies board

stephan 09-26-2013 6:45 PM

I needed a board for cable and I didn't end up getting a new wake board this year (got a Union). And as much as I like the AR1, I really like the Franchise. They are very different shapes but each have good qualities. The Franchise is just very consistent for me and I like its dual spines. Its a very smooth riding board and accelerates with ease.

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