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MICAH_HARPER 09-25-2013 2:33 PM

Favorite Surf Pics From the Year
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I Thought it would be cool to see everyones favorite shots from this Yr.

Here are mine...some of me and some my wife and i have taken

timmyb 09-25-2013 3:49 PM

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Here's one my daughter took of me on Sunday.

timmyb 09-25-2013 3:56 PM

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Here's some my brother took,
Squids Wake doing the Squirrel
Lovett Roll in action
Dom Lagace from my brothers Liquid Force photo shoot for the brochure

timmyb 09-25-2013 4:01 PM

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Few more showing off the Z3 wave and RJ as the "Thinker" :D

dingleberry 09-27-2013 7:48 PM

One of my sons hasn't been willing to try riding since he was attacked by a pelican two years ago while trying to wakeboard. Last weekend we were on the Wake9 Z3, and Chase Hazen took him out to give him a feel for riding and having fun on a board. From the smile on his face, I think he will be willing to try it again on his own.




phathom 09-28-2013 6:12 PM

This one was from Thursday. Our friend Les does some awesome photography, glad he came along to take some shots. I love how he got me, the wake, and the sunset to look so good :)
untitled shoot-6845.jpg by Les Oltmann, on Flickr

F725 09-30-2013 7:23 AM

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Cole Sorenson (Worlds 1st place Ameteur skim, 2nd place surf) riding his Brigade.
2012 san210 with NSS.

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