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AxisofEvil 09-25-2013 5:58 AM

West Michigan
The Temps are falling but I'm always down to ride....

I live in Grand Rapids and I'm always looking for a pull whenever, I'm usually done with work around 3:30. I'm an experienced boater and have all my own gear w/ extra ropes, pump& fat-sacs and I always pay for my gas. I 'm super easy going and just looking for some people who like to ride more than they like to stay warm I guess.... All my riding buddies have switched to hunting mode now.

hXc_broader 10-03-2013 12:46 PM

If you are willing to drive to white pidgion MI (straight down 131) you can ride with my crew. We will be riding until ice is on the water.

edgeski1 10-03-2013 12:58 PM

We''ll make it out a few more times this year as well. We typically post on our FB page when we're going out


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