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ptrenary 09-23-2013 7:21 PM

Harley Board
Hey guys,
I currently have a ronix one time bomb and am thinking about purchasing a Liquid Force Harley. I am 6,2 and at 180 pounds. I only wakeboard behind boats and I am having a hard time choosing between sizes 139 and 143. Thanks for the help

VinnyA 09-24-2013 5:05 AM

I have a 139 harley and am 5'8'' and 175lbs lol. bigger isn't really a bad thing until you get into dealing with swing weight on mobes and stuff, I went with the 139 because my wake is small, sea ray 220 select, and I'm a tad shorter than you. If you're riding behind a boat with a big wake do the 142

CRS_mi 09-24-2013 6:26 AM

143 for sure. The only negative of bigger is swing weight and it is extremely minimal. It helps with pop and landings. I'm 6'1, 195 and ride a 145. For reference, look how small Scott Stewart is and he rides a 142. I was worried about length when I switched from a 142 up to a 145 but I'm glad I made the move. To be fair though, my 145 board is lighter than my 142 (Hyperlite tribute 142 vs. Hyperlite Marek Nova 145). At your size though, I would never go below 141.

brian_young 09-24-2013 4:04 PM

I've had one of each this year, and think the 143 is the better size. 6'0" @ 185 lbs.

mikeab8 09-24-2013 7:57 PM

Just out of curiosity, whats making you switch to the harley from the one?

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