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burakwake 09-22-2013 2:42 PM

handle pass
I've problems with the handle pass. I ride at a cable park and until now I managed to do some handle passes but it is really difficult. I am trying over and over again but can't get a better result. There must be a point I am missing.


For example the guy in this video can easily do the handle pass even by pulling the handle to his back just with one hand. My problem is I can't pull the handle to my back. The rope is always really tense and I don't have the power to pull the handle to my back. If I get away from the cable doing progressive edge (or If I pull the handle with both hands really strong) I create enough slack in the rope to do the handle pass but I only have time to do just one pass. I've seen guys doing surface 720 or over and it looks like they are doing the trick easily without wasting too much power to pull the handle, it looks like they can easily pull the handle to their back.

P.S.: If I use the classic method and keep the handle near to my hip with both hands, as soon as I let go one hand to do the pass, I can't keep the handle close to my hip anymore and the handle goes back to the initial position which is far away from my hip. :banghead:

JoeDirtSUCKS 09-22-2013 4:20 PM

A good way to practice off the water that a good friend taught me is to get your handle. Hook up a bungee cord to it and put a gallon jug of water on the other end and use the momentum of swinging it around to get that muscle memory down. Hope I explained this good enough. But if you do it enough when your on the water it should just come natural.

Make sure to practice passing it both ways.

Basically just keep passing it around over and over using the weight and momentum to mimic the pull from the boat or cable.

eubanks01 09-23-2013 6:48 AM

You talking about kicker spins like your other post? The guy in the video is a professional rider that rides all day every day. Those guys have built up amazing strength in their arms and backs. I wouldn't worry too much about it.

But as I mentioned in the other thread, spinning at the cable is easier than behind the boat as you can initiate your spin earlier. So use that to your advantage and start pulling in as you are riding up the obstable. There is very little friction when you're on a ramp/kicker so you should be able to advance yourself relatively easily. Keeping your arms out on your approach will help so that you have some room to pull in on the handle.

Do you have any video?

Hooya 09-23-2013 7:36 AM

no expert as I am not there yet but it looks like me most riders have a good position before rotating. So much so that the handle is right on their hip and they just hold position and rotate around the handle rather than having put the handle.

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