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Quack 09-18-2013 4:14 PM

3 Stage Behind the Boat, Continuous at the Cable?
Just curious about your thoughts on what works. I've mostly ridden behind boats but recently went to a cable park for the first time and really enjoyed it. I've always hated continuous rocker boards behind a boat for whatever reason. I think I just spent most of my time on a 3-stage, so when I ride continuous it always makes me feel weird hitting the wake.

ANYWAY, do people prefer continuous rocker boards for cable riding? It sounds like they might land a bit softer and glide better based on some of the things I've read. I'd be curious to hear if anyone rides a continuous board at the cable and a 3-stage behind the boat.

(I should probably just go out and get a subtle 3-stage and not think about this.)

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