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jordanh 09-17-2013 1:20 PM

DD - seadek on top of dog house
I had this idea today. My dog house sees an awful lot of traffic. I generally walk on(without shoes!) when we have bags in each side or I am rolling up my cover, hooking up the tow rope, etc. it's just the easiet way. It's showing signs of wear on the sides and has a few small tears on the bottom corners. The top also gets scuffed up from setting wakeboards and anything else ontop of it. Has any just pulled the vinyl and painted the cover? I was thinking then a guy could get some seadek with a design or something in it.

I have no idea what the composite structure looks like under the vinyl but I'll assume it needs body work and smoother before paint.

Wakebd 09-17-2013 1:52 PM

If you paint it, the paint will just scratch!

I have been meaning to post my boat in the budget build section but haven't had the chance... I bought a 99' ouback lsfor $3000.00 (had a hole in it) and just got it back from the paint/ fiberglass shop. The whole boat was painted with awlgrip except the bottom. I painted it with awlstar bottom paint (just for resale). The top cap is painted white, dash black of course, the sides are the awlgrip silver, the bottom is awlstar white. I painted the engine cover the same silver as the sides, due to adding contrast, thinking it was like a gem in the middle of the boat, and re-did the whole interior in a carbon fiber silver to tie it all in.

Looks awesome! but after only one use the motor cover is already scratched! I use my motor cover alot as well.... obviously.

After some thought I think I am going to have it line-xed silver. Seems to be the only thing they make that may hold up to how we use the dog-house.

jordanh 09-17-2013 2:12 PM

That does make sense. The sides of my dog house are in good shape except for a few small tears. I just got the boat last month so I don't know of that was normal wear and tear or pure accident. Either way that would be a nasty scratch in paint regardless of how it happened. I wonder what else a guy could do that would be durable but leave a decent finish to apply seadek to the top?

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