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typhoon 09-17-2013 12:13 PM

Suggestions on changing sanger graphics? Pic...
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i want to get rid of the "ski sanger" but it is faded enough under that i have to put something else there. I was thinking about an oval sanger graphic but not sure that would look ok either. Any suggestions or opinions?


09-17-2013 12:45 PM

bet if you give it a real good buffing and/or wet sand it won't show where the lettering used to be. I've been amazed at what people around here have been able to accomplish to old dingy gel coat with a wet sanding.

rio_sanger 09-17-2013 2:12 PM

How about just removing the "ski" only? did it on mine years ago... if there is a slight color difference, I would think you could buff out the gel coat where those three letters are

zammer 10-11-2013 7:51 PM

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i've always liked this Graphic, But I would agree like above, peel of the "SKI" and it would still look clean IMO. Call sanger and see what graphics are still on the shelf or being made..

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