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eubanks01 09-16-2013 7:37 PM

Auto Insurance
Anybody have carrier suggestions in Texas and reasonable rates in Texas for a two car family with good accident and traffic history? Paying around $1K for very good coverage with Allstate for our 6 month premiums. Seems high. Thoughts?

kstateskier 09-16-2013 8:43 PM

Don't have much experience in Texas, but I pay $654 in Illinois with State Farm for our cars. I'm 33, wife is 26, both good history on a '13 Explorer Limited and '13 Honda Accord Sport. We do have ours bundled with our home owners and I've been with State Farm since I was 18.

I would think you could do better, but it would be dependent on age and cars.

09-17-2013 5:50 AM

If you're a homeowner you may be able to get a discount from Allstate if they have your homeowners too. Otherwise you can look at your coverage and raise/lower some of your deductibles and coverage to adjust your rate. I'd check out AAA - it's well worth the price of membership just for the towing and roadside assistance benefits and their insurance rates are pretty good too (I'm a member but don't have my insurance through them):


acurtis_ttu 09-17-2013 7:47 AM

2 cars....only $1k every six months; good coverage...seems fairly cheap to me.
what vehicles?
What county are you in? If youre in a metro area do you have a second home outside the area or business?

Texas has some of the highest car insurance rates in teh country....specifically some of the larger metro area.

fly135 09-17-2013 10:23 AM

I was with Allstate for 25 years and they just turned into a ripoff. I lowered my 6 mo premium from over $900 to under $600 (close to $400 lower) when I switch to Geico. (2 cars, 1 driver with clean record). That's 100K/300K liability, unstacked uninsured motorist, comprehensive, etc... all the same except Geico also gave me emergency road service..

eubanks01 09-17-2013 12:21 PM

2000 Ford Expedition
2008 Hyundai Sonata

Two mid 30's drivers and this is through a bundled service from Allstate with our homeowner's policy. We live in Collin County (Dallas area) and this is through Allstate. We have Platinum coverage which I think we don't pay extra as it was an "free" upgrade related to our driving history and length with the company.

I was just wondering if it was reasonable. $1,000 for 6 months for two older vehicles seems high to me.

fly135 09-17-2013 12:40 PM

Mine was bundled with Home Insurance as well. My home insurance took a massive nearly 50% jump in price a year ago. They kept my daughter on my car policy even though she no longer carries a valid license. When I tried to get her off they wouldn't do it unless I went to the DMV with her and got a letter that she had no license. When I asked why they can't do that because they do it when you make a policy they said no. Then I realized that the car she was listed on wasn't that much more than the one she wasn't I realized they weren't worth my effort, got a quote from Geico, then they were history.

I'm putting a new roof on my house this year and the next thing I will do is go shopping for home owners insurance. I just got a survey request in the email today from Allstate. I basically told them they s*cked. Even their survey was too long and annoying.

T_A 09-17-2013 2:21 PM

My wife and I own a State Farm agency in Addison. Pm me your info and I'll be happy to get you some quotes. It really goes on a person by person basis so its hard to say how much it would be...If I can save you money maybe we can take a set on my VLX afterwards :)

eubanks01 09-17-2013 6:32 PM

Thanks guys. Going to shop some rates and see if I can do better.

Tony - Sent you a PM. Thanks.

Jmorlan 09-17-2013 6:57 PM

That seems decent?
My vehicles are an 04 silverado - 4wd
And an 06 Mercedes e500.
Both liability coverage and I am around $160/mo on them.

Granted I do have a comp claim on my record after a nasty storm had my truck hydro locked on the hwy.

gene3x 10-01-2013 3:28 PM

Jarret let me know. I am in the same boat as I am getting raped on my homeowners.
I only pay 589 for my 2008 truck with USAA but get consistent quotes for close to $700 with others.

phathom 10-01-2013 4:48 PM

I have 2 cars (my truck and wife's car) with full coverage on them through state farm. I have that coupled with my home owners insurance. For both with mid grade coverage (150k property damage, 100k PiP for each person, uninsured, $500 collision $250 comp) we pay like $135/mo or about $1600/yr. I have had to use it too when I crashed my BMW and totaled it. They treated me right and didn't jerk me around or make me wait for anything. I've had others in the past that treated me like crap, particularly Farmers. Progressive was ok, but spendy, Geico was actually pretty decent to deal with and affordable, but State Farm takes the cake for me in personal service and great prices.

CarZin 10-01-2013 5:48 PM

Amica insurance is rated second only to USAA. They are also one of the only carriers that will insure all my property and pocessions. They have also been the cheapest. They are much more strict on who they will insure so don't be surprised to answer a lot of questions.

I do have my boat insured with ski safe however.

dusty2221 10-01-2013 6:12 PM

Another State Farm rep here, up in Sherman. Would be glad to help.

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T_A 10-01-2013 8:07 PM

Hey Gene hit me up man, my wife and I own a State Farm agency. I'll get you some quotes...

T_A 10-01-2013 8:19 PM

Gene I lost your number when my old phone died or I' d just text you

gene3x 10-01-2013 9:37 PM

I am actually pissed because when I was rear ended on the tollway last year and woke up in the hospital, I found out that the wreck is charged to me as an at fault accident. The other guys insurance payed for my car and working on the injuries but are telling me they cannot do anything about the Lexus Nexus filing..... WTF? Is this common?

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