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Frankcondemslargesloths 09-15-2013 6:02 PM

Tennesse, Nashville.
Anyone at center hill lake Percy priest, or old hickory? Center hill is our main lake

jps120 02-19-2014 6:48 PM

I know this is an older thread but i just moved up to hendersonville and will be out on Old Hickory as soon as it warms up

230Nick 04-04-2014 7:51 AM

July 18-20, is anyone going to the TNT watersports wakeboard comp at center hill lake? I'll be going an taking my 236 nautique.

corerider 04-04-2014 11:14 AM

Myself along with a few other boats are going to Wakefest. Last year was great and this year proves to be better.

Word of warning... If you don't already have a cabin at Pates Ford Marina you had better rent a houseboat, bring an RV, tent, or sleep in the boat. There are no good places to stay within an hour of the marina unfortunately if you don't get a cabin.

230Nick 04-04-2014 12:25 PM

We are planning on renting a houseboat for it, I'll have my all white 236 and my buddy will have his 2011 red/black 230

Sir_Maddman_III_Jr 04-29-2014 5:53 PM

hey guys I just moved to Nashville for work and Im looking to do some boarding now that its getting nice out… only problem is Im short ONE boat. Unfortunately thats just enough to render my wakeboard useless. any riders with a boat who ever need a driver? I'm a pretty decent boarder but its been a little while since Ive been on the water. gas money obviously. Let me know!

BGeorge01 05-08-2014 6:12 AM

We live right by Old Hickory lake, that is out main spot!

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