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SS_Hooke102 09-15-2013 12:10 AM

hs fs 5, help!
Have front 3's dialed, can do them 99% of the time and can ride switch proficiently, just keep losing the handle. I make the rotation every time, I just get the 3 spun and drop the handle after.:banghead: If you all have any tips I would greatly appreciate them, I know it's easier with vid only have one and it is my worst attempt (of course, lol) and will link it in the morning. Thanks again.:)

ToPHeR35 09-15-2013 6:28 AM

If you have 3s dialed in the 540 is just another 180. You just gotta keep the handle close and hold on! Maybe exaggerate your pop off the wake a little bit too. Think pop and then think 540

stephan 09-15-2013 3:01 PM

Worry less about the handle and instead focus on getting your eyes on the shoreline. You really only need to do the last handle pass as you land. So pop, do a normal 3 and then get your eyes looking for the shoreline, pass as you touch down.

simplej 09-15-2013 6:47 PM

Can you do toe5's? Much easier trick, learn those first if you haven't!

andy_nintzel 09-16-2013 8:25 AM

The best advice I can give someone is keep the handle moving. If you stop and 360 then try to rotate the last 180 you skip out on your butt every time. After you pass the handle the first time make sure keep in moving into your lead hand for the second handle pass.

I dont think of any spin as just 1 more 180 unlike what Chris Said. I dont think do a 3 then add a 180. I think 540 from the start, the handle pass is different, the pop is more up than out, grabbing is different, etc.

SS_Hooke102 09-16-2013 9:06 AM

Thanks guys, having trouble linking a video. I will try that for sure, I live in WA state so our season is beginning to wind up, but would really like to have them before we put up the boat for the next 8 months... :( As i said i make the rotation every time just lose the handle or end up landing with my back hand crossed over my body and don't ride it out.

83Starsnstripes 09-17-2013 3:51 PM

have you tried the whole thing on the water? I know it sounds strange but it's helped me with passing the handle. Also, if you're left foot forward keep reaching with your right hand. I know for my 360's I land with my left arm fairly extended, to make the 5, you've got to keep the handle closer.

annq42 09-18-2013 7:31 AM

I use to have the same problem, and breaking muscle memory was the hardest thing. If you dont have a trampoline to practice on, then take a plastic jug and fill it with water, tie a handle around the jug and spin it around you doing the handle passes. After you get use to doing handle pass after handle pass (keep the jug off the ground), then spin the opposite way the jug is moving. All your trying to do is break your muscle memory from your 3s, so you can consciously do a 5. Dont worry about messing up your 3's, your body will remember, you just want your body to do what your mind says, not what it is use to.

This is how I learned how to do 5s, and I am now working on 7s.

curtbernstein 09-18-2013 10:08 AM

I find that when you want to add more rotation, the slower and flatter you should approach the wake versus your typical 360. You'll also want to push off from the wake harder, and as you leave the wake you'll want to wait even longer before initiating the rotation. The longer you wait to initiate the rotation, the easier it is to generate spin power off the handle. It's almost the opposite of what you would think. It can be difficult at first to convince yourself to be patient initiating the rotation though.

I think that being patient initiating the spin does two things 1) gives you more time to focus on riding to the top of the wake for that good solid upward pop. 2) forces you only use the handle/line tension to generate your rotation. Spinning off the wake early using your hips/body only makes your handle control and line tension less effective, and usually hurts your ups too!

jarrod 09-18-2013 1:50 PM

I wait longer before spinning. On a 5, I pop, yank the handle, and then spin. With the 3, you can get away with spinning early. With the 5, you can't. You also need a straight UP pop/

SS_Hooke102 09-18-2013 5:59 PM

Thanks a lot guys, I'll try the toe 5 and to wait a lot longer on the heel 5 and let you all know how it goes Saturday night.:rolleyes:

simplej 09-19-2013 3:31 AM

I would def echo what J-rod says. I tend to treat a toe FS 540 as if it's a FS-180 then a bs 360, I pop hard and drift through the first 180 which gets me to the apex, then get to pulling hard after that first 180, I was always taught by coaches to think of spins this way to help slow things down and cement the pass mechanics. Just keep on pulling that handle across when you start to get to the wake. I think ts5 was the easiest trick I've learned so far, but I'm a spinner not a flipper! Some other tips: keep the handle in tight to your front hip, this will make you "drift" the first 180 a lot faster and set you up good for the pass, don't be Afraid to revert on the landing, at first they feel awkward because the handle is in your left hand and your weight is over your butt so be prepared to land on the bolts and revert quickly afterwards to ride away, also you can land left hand only but you just gotta make sure that your prepared to get pulled towards that foot, I will try to post a go pro POV video of one later on so that you can see. Good luck Bryce! You got this!

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