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Jmorlan 09-14-2013 2:30 PM

Wake surfing - picking a board for a newb
Today's session, how to pick a surf board for a newb.

Anyone have any rules of thumb, suggestions?

While I've been wake surfing for a few summers, I've never had my own board, and the boats we have surfed, have not exactly been ideal.

So, now we have picked up a vdrive, with ballasts, and room for plenty more ballast, and I want to buy some boards!

So help us out, what the best board for some of my newb surfer buddies to be able to drop the rope!

(Boat is a v215, stock ballast but will have additional 750's in rear lockers as well)

Jmorlan 09-14-2013 2:38 PM

Ill add that everyone I have surfed with is able to get up and ride no problem, its dropping the rope for any period of time that's the problem.

Not sure if it has to do with the board, or not enough wave.
The board we have used is not mine, and I'm unsure of exact specs. But it's a hyperlite. Ill grab a pic of it off the web for reference.

loudelectronics 09-14-2013 4:41 PM

best bet is to contact Nick Weirsema. His shapes are pretty easy to ride and progress very well. His new Ringer has been the easiest board i have ever used. Easy up, easy going, fast and floats well and makes it easy for people to go ropeless (all pending less than 200 lbs). The board also spins well, and airs easily.

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