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Ciewakeboarder 09-13-2013 11:21 AM

New Brunswick NJ
Looking for a ride in New Brunswick NJ. I just moved here for a medical school rotation. I worked as a wakeboard instructor in Houston during college. I'm willing to do lessons and pay for gas in exchange for wakeboard pulls. Not even sure of the popular areas, but pretty much good for anywhere.

paulharenberg 09-18-2013 4:23 AM


I went to Rutgers and know the area. You are not going to find a a rideable location within ~45 minutes. Back in the day my pops and friends would ski the Raritan south of NB but thats pretty much not an option these days.

You can find rideable locations by driving in any direction.

North - Lake Hopatcong - one of the shops does lessons if there is not a pull to be found. More private lakes in Sussex
South/West - Delaware River has a lot of riders.
East/South - Rivers and Bays of the Jersey Shore - salt water/brackish water, but I know of some people who ride out there.

I can offer you up a pull. I am about 45 minutes north/west of RU, just need the fall weather to cooperate.

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