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wksk8r 09-13-2013 8:16 AM

WEST Hyperlite demo Sac river 10/6
It's time for another W.E.S.T. Hyperlite demo on the Sacto River. We will be posting up at the New Alamar again! They are now serving food and have a full bar for those interested.

We got our hands on all the 2014 Hyperlite gear for all of you to demo free of charge. Same thing as before, just sign up and have CC and or DL to check out the gear and go shread! You can try as many boots/boards as you want, there will be boats for you to ride on (please plan to donate for gas) or you are welcome to bring your own boat.

We will be launching at 1030 AM from Elkhorn ramp, if you don't have a boat you can park (free) at the Alamar just north of Elkhorn ramp/swabbie's.

We want to see everyone's best trick on video!

Feel free to ask questions here or check out WESTriders.org and FaceBook.

Hope you all have flat water and rampy wakes! See ya on the 6th of October.

Again we will have T-shirts, hats, and stickers (limited supply)

wksk8r 09-19-2013 3:58 PM

Trying to get a head count and see how many boats will be there.

Bam6961 09-23-2013 9:07 AM

can't say for sure if im going yet but im definitely going to try and make it out there.

wksk8r 09-23-2013 11:10 AM

cool, pass the word! should be good times!

wksk8r 09-24-2013 2:42 PM

I have been told that we will have a couple of '14 Mastercrafts to shredd as well, Xstar and an X2! thanks NorCal MC

HotBoarder10121 09-27-2013 4:01 PM

Boatless or boatfull I'll be there either way. Hope to see everyone out there!

wksk8r 09-29-2013 8:48 PM

Zack, there will be boats to ride and if you want you can take mine out.

wksk8r 10-03-2013 5:21 PM

Lets see how many boats we can get this time! My SAN will be there.... who's bringing theirs? post up here.

dDubya 10-05-2013 5:19 PM

I'll be there...super stoked! Bringing out the Bu with sexy new Tatoos too.:cool:

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