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jarrod 08-26-2003 8:45 PM

Yo, anybody know why the videos I watch freeze up in Windows Media Player? The vid starts, freezes on the first frame, but I can still hear the audio. It's driving me nuts!!

upupnaway 08-26-2003 9:13 PM

Try saving the vid to disk, then watching it from there.

craig_riddle 08-27-2003 9:01 AM

I see that occasionally. I save the file to disk and then try various players. Usually between Windows Media Player, Win Amp, QuickTime and DivX Player I can get something to work.

smitty98 08-27-2003 10:08 PM

Is it a canon problem? I found that my avi's could only be read with the software that comes with the camera, that then can export to something that is readable by all. <BR> <BR>But this worked for me but might not for you. <BR> <BR>Change the .avi to a .mpg extention. Its baffeled me how it works, the contents is still exactly the same way but the aproach to reading it must chage. <BR> <BR>However i could view them in Media player + Quicktime, it was Abd Prem that was causing the problem, and thats how i solved it. <BR> <BR>Winamp play vids?

scoot 08-28-2003 9:51 PM

I know dude the same thing is hapening to me but its only certain vids. I'm gonna try what Adam Smith just said. I dont know what it means but i'm going to try it none the less.

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