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patrick 09-10-2013 9:24 AM

Recent Verizon Overage Crazy!?!?!
My wife's Motorola Android Verizon Wireless phone used a 1.5GB of overage between 1:46am and 7:00am last night. Called Verizon and they said they are not allowed to see the data. At home we're always on WiFi. So somehow WiFi was not used, 4G was used during a non-peak time to use 1.5GB of data. I've heard some of our agencies are just downloading all of the data from everyone's phones. And that Verizon has a court order to allow them to do so. So if something like that is occurring and the cell phone owners are being charged for that?!?!? My wife never goes above 1GB and we have the 2GB plan. No other phone is on that plan as well. The best Verizon could do was add a credit so I'm not charged the usage and open up an investigation next billing cycle.

I've seen some threads about iPhone and a bug, but this is something else. Anyone having these problems? I would leave Verizon but it's the only service I get at Lake Anna, VA where my boat is.

fly135 09-10-2013 9:30 AM

Too bad the phone doesn't show the app causing the data xfer. I have a low end smart phone and had to remove the Facebook app because it was killing my phone when running in the background.

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