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Ttime41 09-07-2013 7:51 AM

Dear. God.


VinnyA 09-07-2013 8:41 AM

@2:26 dat signature double grab OA7... he took it to 9

captain_vilfo 09-07-2013 9:52 AM

Its like he just floats in the air for 5 seconds then comes down

cwb4me 09-07-2013 4:15 PM

That young man has talent.

Bam6961 09-07-2013 5:17 PM

heelside backside 1080 and toeside 10!! every dowdy edit just keeping gettting better and better!

@vinny- he did that January 2013 in the woods on iwake. http://www.iwake.com/blog/post/dirtymike

Romaswake 09-07-2013 8:20 PM

Saw that edit last night and nearly had a puddle of drool on my keyboard by the time it was over... never seen such clean double flips, and such a unique tweakin style he adds to his simpler tricks! Love it

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