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petrey10 09-05-2013 5:55 AM

Opinions on 04 centurion typhoon
Looking for your opinions on an 04 centurion typhoon. How's the wakeboard wake? Surf wave? Quality build? Does it handle the chop well?

dezul 09-05-2013 6:17 AM

Do you know if it is the C4 version or not? If it is like my 2006 Elite C4, the wakeboard wake is okay. Sometimes it is tough to clean up the port side wake. I can usually clean mine up running about 23mph with the wakeplate at 25%. The surf wake is good. It isn't an Enzo type wake but it surfs better than other comparable boats that are the same size and it takes less weight to get a surf wake out of cause of the deep V-hull. It handles chop like a champ.

dezul 09-05-2013 6:22 AM

Do some research on www.centurioncrew.com

If it has the cutouts on the rear of the hull, you may want to stay away from it if you surf. I can't comment on the wakeboard wake.

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