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brichter14 09-04-2013 5:01 PM

I wanna give props to hyperlite.
A few weeks ago I posted a picture of a broken catalyst handle asking if anybody had ever had this happen. Shortly after that a rep from HO/hyperlite got a hold of me asking if I could send my handle in so they could research why it broke. Now this handle wasn't exactly new. Maybe got it mid to late season 11'. They said they would replace it at no cost to me except what I paid to send my broken handle back. What great service. I mean I didn't even try to get a warranty claim on this and they go out of their way to take care of me. Hats off guys.



Plus the new handle matches my new super sport!

Once again, great service great product.

Therapy10 09-04-2013 5:39 PM

More props to hl warranty, they're in the process of getting me another mainline.

downfortheride 09-04-2013 7:07 PM

From a pic just asking people to a company stepping up and reaching out to you is awesome! Congrats for supporting a company that takes care of their customers no matter what. Good work Hyperlite...

hyperlite_boards 09-04-2013 7:22 PM

I tried getting my bindings warranted by hyperlite and it took me a year to get my new ones and i only got them because i posted on here saying that they had never followed through...eventually i did get them, but my friend actually had the same problem at the end of last year, he sent his broken bindings in and they the new pair never shipped out.

Bam6961 09-04-2013 10:53 PM

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hahahhaahah, i was thinking about posting this on wakeworld too! i guess i should have lol.

i broke the same handle in the exact same spot but only on one side lol! i popped it on a heel 5 and i guess that broke it. I bought it in 2010 and it broke this summer but i only used it like 40 times. i called them up and i have a receipt but they told me there's nothing they can do because its over there one year warranty, they cant even give me discount for the next handle. They told me i should try the dealer. i bought it online through a dealer and i know they wouldn't do anything. i think the handle retailed for $109 lol!

but i guess there really wasn't anything they could do since it was out of warranty which is understandable, but i was least expecting a discount or something. i guess i should have posted it WW.

brichter- i personally would just be careful with the carbon handle i was told they break pretty easy if you drop it on hard surfaces.so it don't drop it on anything but water.

anyway as you can see i drilled a hole through it, did the same with the other side and now use it for a trampoline handle. Even though this was kind of a bad experience with HL i still went back and bought a hyperlite handle. I got a good deal on a 2012 Murray T handle at CMS, thanks mitch for the hook up!

melvinator 09-05-2013 5:59 AM

I was not happy with the way my murray systems fit a few summers ago and shaun actually saw my post on wakeworld and had hyperlite contact me to fix the situation! My hero wanted to make sure i was happy with his product!!!!! I never contacted customer service, they emailed me. I have had warranty issues with hyperlite/ronix/slingshot and company, and they have all been great to deal with. I got such great service from company when they were still around i sent them pizza for lunch once:)

tampawake 09-05-2013 6:58 AM

Do you have a general contact info for warranty at Hyper. I have an issue with a wakeskate.

snork 09-05-2013 8:35 AM

My 2012 Hyperlite Marek System boots inside ankle liner and pad has come detached, every time I put my boot on I have to dig the material out from under my foot
I sent in a request for a warranty claim, we'll see if I get a response
other than that I only can say good and positive things about Hyperlite and their warranty department
Tampa Wake heres the contact info HOWarranty@hosports.com

lucas200397 09-05-2013 2:23 PM

Dude, last board purchase I made I considered hyperlite, shortly before I went to nautique wake games in Orlando and noticed that Murray was there along with Scott Stewart and both were rocking the "New 2013' Murray board" funny thing is that Hyperlite does not offer the 2013 Murray in a strata track/nova core. both boards had it, just new graphics. Rusty rides his board with the lowend graphics but the board will have a strata track. I called Hyperlite directly and asked the rep I talked to said " that the riders took the boards to a third party and had the strata tracks installed" :0 lmao! I was shocked! and totally belived that lol. Kinda just IMO sends wrong signals to me, just shady in my eyes. kept me from buying their product. anybody have any thoughts on this?

snork 09-05-2013 3:02 PM

Murrays 2012 Nova with 2013 graphics, very common for pro riders to get whatever they want as far as print but no the 2013 Murray are Bio with no strata, that 3rd party was either BS or you misunderstood

lucas200397 09-05-2013 4:51 PM

no misunderstanding...I repeated it back to her verbatim to make sure and she said yes. after I picked my jaw up I just said thanks....figured if I was fed that line of b/s that was all I needed to know about the company.

Bam6961 09-05-2013 6:22 PM

well the bio3 core is a good core and will last a long time, but just not as light as the nova. the nova its self isn't super light just lighter than the bio. In the trailer for Defy Murray was using the bio core, so its not like they never use it.

the nova's are made in the United Arab Emirates, that's probably what she means by taking it to a third party, i think she just maybe used the wrong terminology. I'm pretty sure they make a few just for the pro's for comps or what ever. the bio3 cores are made somewhere else.

i noticed that same thing in this video of scott riding, he had the nova core. by the way the murray shape hasn't changed since 2010.

I wouldn't doubt Rusty riding the nova cores because the bio marek is sooo heavy as well as the byerly jib. there basically tanks. In comparison to any boards ive picked up.


yubasanger 09-09-2013 5:20 PM

Glad to see they steeped up and got you a replacement. Wish I could say the same about my old 3DS that the top deck de-laminated on after the first year. They knew it was a problem because the lady told me so but that they were not going to warranty it. Had some issues with HO sports in the past...will think twice now about purchasing from them in the future.

rmotoxxx711 09-09-2013 6:04 PM

Hyperlite warranties and as a business kicks ass all the way up and down

stephan 09-10-2013 8:28 AM


Originally Posted by lucas200397 (Post 1843328)
no misunderstanding...I repeated it back to her verbatim to make sure and she said yes. after I picked my jaw up I just said thanks....figured if I was fed that line of b/s that was all I needed to know about the company.

Sounds like you spoke to an uninformed person. Why didn't you ask Murray and Stewart about it when you saw them with the boards? They would have told you this, "every new graphic gets put onto the previous years shape to make sure it is durable and sticks to the deck". Its been this way for all companies for years. And with the Murray, the shape didn't even change! Heck look at Dowdy's shape, he's been riding it with the Pure graphics for almost 6 months.

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