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steezyshots 09-04-2013 8:48 AM

My Fantasy Team
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Pretty stoked, Going to drop T. Pryor for Vick and have proposed a few trades like Cam Newton for RG3 Also picking up TB DST off the Wire and dropping NE DST. Over all I am pretty happy!

bdew 09-04-2013 12:54 PM

first of all you dont need 3 qbs, you dont need 2 def. and you DO NOT need 2 kickers EVER!! try to trade rg3 for a solid wr, you are kinda weak at wr(unless its a ppr). the rams have said there are no plans to use tavon austin as a wr1 or wr2 yet, he will be used as a wr3 and punt returner. you also have one spot open on your bench, look for guys like chritine micheals in sea, or knile davis in KC as handcuffs to valuable RB1's.

stuey 09-04-2013 2:42 PM

You need a 2nd DST for the bye week... also comes in handy if you only have a mediocre DST and your #2 DST has a good matchup, although with SF you should be good most of the time. For instance, you should sub SF whenever they play SEA .. hahah.

Cam for RGIII would be an unreal trade if the guy went for it. If Vick is on waivers he would be a great pickup but same as above, you don't need 3 QBs. I would keep Brees as #1, pick up Vick as your QB2 (he has QB1 potential if he stays healthy so he's an excellent QB2), then trade your other QB (be it RGII or Cam) for a stud WR, I have my doubts how much Austin is going to produce especially within the division.

DenverRider 09-04-2013 2:45 PM

What are Wes Welker and Drew Brees doing on your bench? Even if RGIII is able to play without breaking his knee again, you better believe that he's not going to be running like he was last season. Take away his rushing points from last season and he's just an average fantasy qb. Totally agree about the kicker situation. Kicker points are more opponent dependent than other positions. You pick up the kicker from the waiver wire that's playing the defense that gives up the most points each week. Lucky that you got first pick in the draft and got Adrian Peterson. I was number 6 of 10 in my league and I found myself VERY lucky to have two teams ahead of me miff with their picks and leave me with Ray Rice who really should have been gone at pick number 4.

polarbill 09-04-2013 10:11 PM

1st) You have Brees. You don't need another QB on your roster. It is a waste of a spot except on the bye week and you can probably pick up someone that will get you solid points. The RB you should trade RG3 for will be a much more valuable use of a roster spot than having a QB sit on the bench for 15 weeks. If you really want to go crazy keep RG3(huge risk) and trade for one of the top backs(Rice, Spiller, Richardson, McCoy, etc).

2nd) Drop Pryor Immediately. Complete 100% waste of a roster spot and not ever worth a fantasy start most likely.

3rd) Drop NE D unless you think you can trade either them or the niner D for a solid depth guy. The niner D is one of the top 3 ranked D's in fantasy. You don't need a backup D. See above about better use of a roster spot.

4th) Drop one of your kickers. First off you shouldn't have drafted a kicker before the last round and second there is absolutely zero reason to have a backup kicker.

5th) Definitely start Welker and Brees this week instead of RG3 and Austin. It should like Austin should be good but he is still a rookie on a team whose offense hasn't been crap in a few years.

With as many bench spots as you have I would look for guys that might be hurt right now that can make an impact down the road. If Harvin isn't on anybody's team pick him up. You will have to bench him for at least 6 weeks and more likely 10 or so but he should be a top 3 performing WR when healthy and could be there for the playoff stretch. I would also consider picking up a backup TE. I like Olsen but he still hasn't proven much and is risky. Maybe a guy like Zach Miller. he didn't do much most of last year but the Falcon game showed how sick he can be.

Some of this advice might go out the window if you have a 12 team league or bigger and basically every available player sucks arse. If this is a 12 team league or more and you have that many bench spots someone in your league is bad at coming up with settings. That is way too many bench spots for a 10 or 12 team league. Basically all good players are taken in the draft so all that matters is how you drafted.

rugbyballa3 09-05-2013 5:58 AM

your draft sucked. was it on auto draft or do you not know how to draft. same as before. only 2 qb 1 d 1kick is all you need.

DenverRider 09-05-2013 12:32 PM

Anyone else notice that at least in the ESPN fantasy league that Tim Tebow is owned by 2.3% of teams and started by .3%. He's got more fantasy owners than Mark Sanchez (not that Sanchez should have any owners either but at least he's on team).

chillinoj 09-05-2013 1:01 PM

Haha that's scary about tebow... Maybe a keeper league? and those guys are just hoping and praying he gets another shot, though definitely shouldn't be starting

ttrigo 09-09-2013 3:16 PM


Originally Posted by rugbyballa3 (Post 1843178)
your draft sucked. was it on auto draft or do you not know how to draft. same as before. only 2 qb 1 d 1kick is all you need.

give him a break. this was his first time doing fantasy football!

lots of good advice here steezy. definitely try to trade RG3, and hope he has a good game tonight. go for a top tier WR, and definitely dump a kicker and a defense. should only carry 1 of each. hope your draft was fun!

bdew 09-09-2013 9:48 PM

i agree, you cant say a draft did or didnt suck until the season is done, looks like the welker pick up was pretty good, as well as cruz and AP! Hopefully you ended up picking up vick before the game. most likely you won this week which is more than i can say for my team. hope you have a great season! dont get too worked up or let down by a team, its only week 1.

steezyshots 09-10-2013 8:54 AM

My team is a lot different than when I posted this, Dropped Pryor, Only picked up RG3 to trade. Down to one kicker, still have 2 defenses though. Picked up Vick to trade for a top tier WR or a better 2nd back. Probably going to dump Tavon Austin I might wait to see if he puts up better numbers this week and try and trade him for a better TE

Jmaxymek 09-15-2013 9:46 PM

Austin is a keep for sure. No doubt going to join the elite WR very soon.

buffalow 09-16-2013 7:38 AM

It's my first year and no clue what I am doing, but week 1-2 I kicked everybody's butt. I am enjoying it now because I know it can turn at any second. I look at the others guys team and on paper should be killing me.

TerryR 09-18-2013 1:41 PM

Not a bad draft in 12 team PPR. I don't like to take a QB that early

In my league the draft positions were:
Peterson 1.1
Breeze 3.2
Lacy 3.9
Ammendola 3.11
Cruz 3.12
Welker 5.3

The picks are within a few of our league. Obviously injuries to Ammendola and Lacy have hurt you, but you couldn't know that on draft day.

You need two kickers in case the injury report comes out after the free agent deadline and your kicker is on it. Happened to me this year.

durty_curt 09-18-2013 10:15 PM

I dunno why but this thread is making me wanna turn on my Netflix and watch THE LEAGUE

steezyshots 09-19-2013 2:24 PM

^^^^ Best show ever!

bdew 09-19-2013 2:53 PM

need to claim the egg on my face for the tavon austin call, looks like hes becoming a favorite of Bradfords. hopefully you held on to him. Also can some of you guys up in SEA can back me up in assuming Turbin is now the def guy behind lynch instead of micheals?

steezyshots 09-19-2013 3:39 PM

I kept him! And I am starting him this week because Eli can't throw a ball to his own players to save his life

Dmac420sj 11-16-2013 3:27 PM

Not gonna lie I wanna play fantasy with you all. I'd smash you guts!=fact!

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