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mxflyer281 09-04-2013 8:38 AM

ACL Replacement
So I think I've finally decided to go under the knife to get my ACL replaced its been a nagging injury
for a couple of years now. Been able to still ride with a CTI brace at suggestion of the doctors. Any suggestions or help for this long process? I'm located in Central FL and due to a insurance change I
can no longer use my current orthopedic doctor Any suggestions? Hoping maybe a pro or 2 might pipe in for some directions on a good doctor to use around here any info helps

simplej 09-04-2013 8:53 AM

Follow our other thread "what are your ACL experiences". There's about 5 of us on that journey now each with a somewhat different path. You can read all of our anecdotes there and we encourage you to share, good/interesting info there, but it's mostly a morale booster thread.

While I can't help you at the moment with a doctor I will ask my buddy who his doctor was in FL and try to PM you.

In the mean time good luck!!!

mxflyer281 09-04-2013 8:57 AM


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