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Kane 09-04-2013 4:19 AM

Liquid Force bindings full of water.
Hey all
I picked up a new pair of 2010 CT Vantage bindings cheap at the end of last year.
I've been using them since April, not too many hours, 10 max...... there are never enough hours on a wakeboard :p

Both bindings are now half full of water in the Air ride chassis.
I'm sure I'm not the first person to have this issue.
Any suggestions on how to remedy this?

I've taken the bindings off the board, but no water leaks out....it just sloshes around in the footbed.

I've searched the archives and I can find references to this happening to other peoples bindings but no suggestions on how to resolve the issue.

Medium 09-04-2013 11:44 AM

LF dropped the ball on that design.

There is a little valve on the footbed that eventually lets water in, but not out.

I drilled a bunch of holes in mine to let the water flow back out freely.

Talonsorensen 09-04-2013 3:53 PM

Yeah they were known for it, I'd just put little holes in them like mentioned above

Kane 09-04-2013 4:34 PM

Thanks for the replies.
Did you put holes in the side or the bottom of the air chassis?

Kane 09-09-2013 2:07 PM

Any suggestions on where to drill would be greatly appreciated!

gene3x 09-10-2013 9:56 AM

When holes are drilled does it affect the performance of the binding when landing or carving?

bschall 09-10-2013 9:58 AM

if you bought them new at the end of last year and have a receipt that is a warranty issue

Kane 09-10-2013 3:32 PM

I did but I paid cash and the store has folded, I got them at a closing down sale.
I'm thinking I'll just pop a hole in the top of the chassis at the heel.
That way they won't fill too easily while I'm riding.

Medium 09-10-2013 3:48 PM

I put a small hole (maybe 1/8") in the back vertical part of the heal, up near the top, to let in air and I put a larger hole (maybe 3/8") on the bottom at the heal and at the toes.

Once you make the holes, then fill them up with water and see how long it takes to drain. If it takes too long then make them a little bigger.

I haven't noticed any performance difference on landings or carving as a result of the holes.

Just make sure you make the holes big enough otherwise you have to wait and let your board drain for a moment before putting it back on the racks.

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