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Meyeronfire 09-03-2013 2:20 PM

03 Supra Indmar Assault EFI rough idle.
Ok here's my first issue with my 03 launch ssv. Running the indmar assault fuel injected motor. Took it out yesterday for a short ride to a sandbar about 10 mins ran normal there and back. Today out ran fine for about 15 mins and decided to start running rough while in idle and also running a bit rough while going 2600rpm. I let it run for a bit longer and seemed to run a bit better but still idling rough. Even killed the motor a few times like its not getting any fuel. My first thought would be a filter issue but wanted to check here first before running around town gather parts. I bought the boat in mid July this year and everything has been great have put almost 60 hours on boat with no issues until now. I bought the boat from a dealer here in houston and they supposedly checked everything and did a service on it before I took it home. I did however change the oil and filter about 10 hours ago did it myself. Any ideas where to start would be appreciated!

Thanks Matt

Meyeronfire 09-03-2013 9:45 PM

Anybody have any input on this issue?

09-03-2013 11:33 PM

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03suprassv 09-04-2013 10:39 AM

It is TBI EFI. It could be the IAC on the side of the throttle body. That controls the idle. I have the same boat and had the same problem.

03suprassv 09-04-2013 11:41 AM

IAC stands for idle air control incase you are wondering.

zap 09-04-2013 11:43 AM

Have a quick look at the distributor cap, it may be full or corrosion.

Meyeronfire 09-04-2013 2:14 PM

Thnaks for the reply guys, rzap I will check the distributor cap and rotor for corrosion. Adam, where will the IAC sensor be located? And will I be able to get one at an auto parts store. Also adam, would you mind telling me a little bit what happened to your boat?

Pad1Tai 09-04-2013 2:40 PM

Sounds like water in the fuel.. Where's your tank vent fitting located?

The IAC is either open or closed.. Open for high idle when cold.. and closed for normal idle when warmed up...

I doubt if it's the IAC.. Good luck.

Meyeronfire 09-04-2013 10:51 PM

Charlie, this was my first thought. Think I may grab some seafoam. Also does anyone have a part number for a fuel filter that I can pick up at an auto parts store? And are those ok to put on the motor? For instance I just put an AC Delco oil filter on the motor about 10 hours ago.

03suprassv 09-05-2013 3:30 AM


The IAC is on the port side of the throttle body. It fixed my boat but may not be your problem. I just get my fuel/water sep from napa. I can get you the part number today when I get home if you don't have it by then. One time in my old outback I forgot to fill the tank up on the way home and it sat for a month. Wouldn't run right after that. Pulled sample from fuel tank and put in glass jar. Fuel was full of water from condensation. Drained tank. New fuel filter. Then it ran good as new. I had a problem at the end of the summer last year where the boat once up to temp and running for a bit would idle rough and die. Let boat cool off and it would run fine agAin. Turned out to be the coil pack.

Meyeronfire 09-05-2013 4:12 AM

Hey thanks adam, and heck yeah a part number for that fuel filter/ water sep would be awesome I cant seem to find it anywhere even searched pretty hard on supraboats.com. Thanks again adam really hoping this is an easy fix and just bad fuel with moisture, hoping its not a vapor lock hearing and reading alot about the supra boats having that issue, being down here in Texas is hotter than the saharra desert some days.

boardman74 09-05-2013 5:51 AM

Napa carries Sierra brand marine products. I'm sure Sierra has a filter for your boat, just a matter if they have it in stock.

99Bison 09-05-2013 6:57 AM

Fuel filter for my 01: SIERRA 18-7944


Pad1Tai 09-05-2013 7:08 AM

Hey Matt.. If it turns out to water in your fuel you'll need to follow the vent line to the hull fitting.. A lot of guys that have started sacing the boats for surfing find the vent is on the side in the stern and is under water when surfing.. Just a thought..

You can get these filters at O'reilly or Napa.. P/N SME 187944 for NAPA..$8 bucks P/N 187944 for O'reilly... $8 bucks...

Rip 09-05-2013 7:09 AM

Battery's in when I purchased boat I think previous owner had much bigger system but kept a lot of it replacing with cheaper stuff there's two actuators and 8 #4 wire pos and neg leads like you could hook up more amps

03suprassv 09-05-2013 7:11 AM

I just grab the napa gold filters. What's the difference in a marine grade vs regular other then the color. Napa gold oil filter 1069 and fuel filter 3226.

Meyeronfire 09-06-2013 1:50 AM

Thank you very very much guys for the help on the part numbers. I hoping this well solve the issue, I'm losing sleep over this! I will let you guys know what happens so maybe I would be able to help other supra owners alot of headache.

Meyeronfire 09-14-2013 4:25 AM

Little update on the situation. Extremely frustrated at this point and probably going to just take it in. Filled tank with premium fuel and added a can and half of seafoam, Replaced fuel/water seperator with a slightly larger size, correct diameter just a bit longer dont think it matters just holds a bit more fuel. Took the boat for an hour to test after replacing, started up fine ran great and thinking its back to its normal self. So on the way back in it started idling rough and doing to same thing it did the first time it started with the problem. I didnt have the time to take it back home and try to mess with so it set for a week and the following I was back pulling the fuel filter off and cleaned and replaced, the boat had quite a bit of trouble starting. So I pulled the plugs to inspect and didnt really like what I found 6/8 plugs seemed like they where dry, not even a slight amount of oil on them??? even the bottom of the threads seemed like they where just slighlt melted. And not the electrode or anything like that is melted is just on the base of the spark plug where they first begin to thread. I dont know how to post a pic. I thought maybe the exhaust manifolds could be clogged with something? Is that even possible? Anybody have any last suggestions before I admit defeat and just haul the thing in?

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