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norcalrider 09-03-2013 10:45 AM

DIY Boat Yards near Sacramento?
Not exactly a wakeboarder's issue but many of you have other boats and friends with other boats so I figured I would give this a shot.

I have a 1970 38' River Queen that encountered a submerged object this weekend and is in need of a haul out. The boat will be pulled at Delta Boat Works today and a 110v 1800gph pump is doing a more than adequate job at keeping up with the in-flow.

That said, I will likely have them perform the repair but would like to do a more thorough job at a yard that allows the owner to DIY and have contractors come in. Is there any place like this near Sacramento? Ladd's off March in Stockton seems to be the only one I can find but there has to be more.

I was planning a haul out where I could sandblast, perform any replating needed, rewire, and recoat this winter but the river made that decision on a different timeline than expected.

Any help is appreciated.

norcalrider 09-03-2013 5:51 PM

Disregard, found one.

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