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typhoon 09-01-2013 8:43 AM

How to make a surf rope? Braids?
I am not sure how to tie the braid or knots in the ripe are tied on the surfer side not the pylon? How to tie and/or what kind of knots?

CHern5972 09-03-2013 7:47 AM


typhoon 09-03-2013 8:33 AM

also how far apart do you tie the knots?

rallyart 09-03-2013 9:04 AM

A figure 8 knot gives a good grip and is easy to tie. I don't have a knotted rope so maybe someone will pipe in that has one. However, I suspect that 24-30" between knots would be adequate.

rugbyballa3 09-03-2013 11:42 AM

yeah buy a surf rope they are cheap. i think i bought a fat sack from my dealer and he threw a surf rope in. hahahaha

tonyv420 09-03-2013 12:09 PM

buy one!

FastR3DN3K 09-03-2013 12:53 PM

Surf ropes are dirt cheap and not worth the hassle of trying to make yourself. I got a 20' rope from my Tige dealer for free when I bought my board. I think it retailed for $40, which is worth it to not have to waste time trying to figure out the right lengths and trying to add padding if desired.

dobber 09-04-2013 12:02 PM

I use an old junk ski rope.

Greeko 09-04-2013 1:48 PM

Its worth Buying one for $40-50...not worth burning your hands over it!

boardjnky4 09-04-2013 1:51 PM

gotta love the rich kids of wakeworld. Dude has a spare rope that he wants to braid for surfing, and wakeworld's solution is to throw more money at it.

tonyv420 09-04-2013 3:15 PM

If I were rich, I'd buy him a rope! LOL

Iceberg 09-04-2013 7:27 PM

He wants to make one that, that is his prerogative. I cant help you with the braid, but I would suggest you use a rope with a braided sheath (kernmantle) and use a thicker rope as well. Thin rope is dangerous. I made one for about $24 and it actually fits my requirements quite well. FYI, not all surf ropes are long enough for some boats and towers, especially the larger boats. I used a piece of Schedule 40, 3/4" CPVC pipe about 9-10" long as the handle and use a double figure of 8 knot to secure it back to the main strand (triangle). You tie one figure of 8 then slide on the plastic pipe and retrace the figure of 8 to secure it. Then, about every 2' to the sweet spot I tied a simple knot. I put on a couple of pieces of pool noodle to act as floats near the handle. Due to the rope thickness, I tied a smaller section to the end with a sheet bend knot for the tower hook. Initially i just had one big knot at the end, but the handle is so much easier to use!

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