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chaser 08-31-2013 9:39 AM

2007 centurion lightning engine issue
Friend has above boat. Last couple times out noticed exhaust smelled a little gassy. Boat started a little hard a couple times. This am, boat didn't start once. Let it sit for a while then it started. Idles ok. Backfires if you give it full throttle and sounds like its missing too. Seems to run ok at wakeboard speed. He changed plugs this spring. Wondering where to start checking. Bad gas? Distributor cap? Plug wires? Wrong plug gap? Just trying to get some ideas. Thanks

chaser 08-31-2013 5:11 PM

Bad distributor cap if anyone cares.

boardjnky4 09-03-2013 6:04 PM

thanks for the update, I have a similar boat... should have posted in the boats forum

dezul 09-03-2013 6:44 PM

Same here. I try to replace the cap every other summer.

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