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wakeboardern1 08-29-2013 7:12 PM

Canon 6D or Nikon D600
So, I'm finally able to fund a camera upgrade from my dinky little Canon HG-10 (a now five year old handycam) and I've narrowed down my selection to one of these two cameras. I've been a pretty loyal fan of Canon, but right now it just looks like the D600 might be a better option. Supposedly the lowlight performance of the 6D is way better, but non-fanboy opinions are few and far between on the internet.

Basically, I can't afford to scale up to a 5D MK3 and buy good glass, so I'm looking at these two, mostly for video, but I'll also be shooting lots of photography for fun on the side.

Any opinions on either of these cameras? Is one definitively better for video than the other?

MCObray 08-29-2013 8:02 PM

Whatever feels better in your hand(s). I found Canon interface to be more friendly as well, when weighing the whole Canon vs. Nikon debate; ended up with the 7D.

cboom12 09-02-2013 11:28 AM

From what I understand the 7d might be the way to go. Save u a little cash for glass

SangerTom 09-03-2013 12:00 AM

Ive got a Canon bias. Im currently upgrading my older Canon T1i to a 7D used. 7D from what I've read and what people that have them have told me do great video. They run $750 to $900 used (in SoCal). A new 7D m2 is suppossed to come out so the prices of new ones have just dropped to $1,100. Check out. The 6D is a full-frame, the 7D is a crop sensor.

I'm going for the 7D because I like to shoot sports and want the higher frames per second. If I didn't I would get a used 5dii or 5diii.

Personally, I would buy a used 7D and spend money on better lenses. It makes a bigger difference.

gfagien 12-10-2013 11:00 PM

Basically i brake it down like this,

If you want video, go canon

if you want stills go nikon

if you want both it depends on what you want to do and whatever you will do more of go towards that brand.

I don't have a 7d or 5d anymore but I do have a 60D, which compared to the 7D and even for my uses i find the 60D to be a great B camera, depending on what you do it can also be a great primary camera as well.

by going for a 60d you have a lot to get lenses, because with DSLRs the camera is almost less then half the battle, its all about the lenses for the most part.

also consider a camcorder route, there are great Sony, panasonic, and canon camcorders that perform great and are at pretty comparable prices

JJ 12-11-2013 11:27 AM

Check out the 70D for video.

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