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rene 08-27-2013 6:19 PM

California Skier in Lake Elsinore
I usually don't complain about anything, but do you guys know if corporate Mastercraft in Tennessee can help me get this worked out with California Skier

I'm not happy with the customer service in the service department at California Skier (SoCal's only Mastercraft dealer).

So, last year, I let my 14yr old son drive my X-Star in the river by Laughlin and he hit shallow water. He ended up bending the rudder, bending the shaft, destroying the prop and bending one of the skags in the center of the boat. As well as, doing a lot of damage to the hull.

Luckily, I had insurance. My insurance estimate was $7,500. So because I live in SoCal now I took my boat to California Skier to have the repairs done.

In late January they called me to come pick up the boat because they said it was done. When I got there the shaft, rudder, skag, and prop was fixed, but the fiberglass shop they sent the boat out to missed a lot of the damage. So the service manager at the time Brian said he would send it back to the fiberglass shop to got it fixed.

Two months later, now the beginning of April, I still haven't heard from them so I call and Brian the service manager was fired for some reason and a new person Erica was the new Service manager. She tells me the boat is done. So I drive the hour to get there and when I do I find that they had broken my swim deck bracket that bolts to the boat.

I said to Erica. "Someone broke my bracket while the boat was here" and she says "Oh sorry, I will get that fixed and call you when it's done."

So I left without my boat again and drove the hour home.

Two weeks later I called Erica and asked her if she was done fixing the swim deck bracket, and she tells me that they are really busy with other boats and they haven't got to it yet.

Being nice, I said no problem. I do not have plans to use the boat anytime soon so if you have important customers to attend to go ahead and finish them up, but if I make plans to use my boat I will call a few weeks prior so you can get my boat fixed.

So I called California Skier two weeks ago because my kids want me to take them to Naci for the holiday. Well now Erica has been replaced by a new service manager Jim (who started there 2 weeks ago) who is refusing to fix the swim deck bracket.

He claims that they didn't break the bracket while they had possession of the boat and that I now owe California Skier storage ($199 per month for the last 8 months) because my boat was finished in January and I never picked it up.

Are you kidding me? The boat was never finished being repaired.

I asked Jim, "Jim do you think that I would have $7,500 dollars in repairs done to my boat and not have them fix a bracket that was broken if it were broken when I brought the boat the your shop?

He couldn't answer that question.

Furthermore, I had the insurance adjuster that inspected my boat while it was in California Skiers possession, before any work was performed, tell Jim that the bracket was not broken at that time.

Jim refuses to admit that someone at the shop broke it. He says he asked everyone and nobody is saying they broke it. So therefore they didn't break it and he isn't fixing it and that I owe the storage if I want my boat back.

I said, Jim do you really think somebody is going to admit they broke it. Maybe while moving the boats around with the forklift they hit the swim deck into something and didn't even realize it. Maybe the fiberglass shop accidentally broke it. It was sent to them twice because they missed half of the hull damage the first time."

Seriously, this is becoming a nightmare!!!

I know NorCal Mastercraft would have had better customer service.

When, if, I ever get my boat back, I will never go back to California Skier again.


ttrigo 08-28-2013 12:43 PM

call corporate, and email them as well. that many service managers over this short period of time tells you all you need to know about this shop. sorry to hear about the troubles. you need to be an absolute thorn in their side. at this point, I think they should be issuing you an entire refund, and supplying you with free services for life!

stephan 08-28-2013 1:20 PM

Tell Jim that you are coming to their showroom where you plan to rip down a fence to "reacquire" your boat. When they ask you if you tore down a fence and took your boat back your reply will be, "nope, I didn't do that". By his logic, you will be free to go about your merry way.

ers906 08-28-2013 4:21 PM

Call corporate. If they ask if he was the manager when the majority of the issue took place and he admits that he was not, then he could not possibly know what did or did not happen before his tenure. Do you by chance have pictures of the initial damage which may inadvertently show a picture of the swim platform bracket not broken? If mastercraft doesnt step up, sell it and get a Nautique!

wakebordr11 08-28-2013 4:45 PM

I'm wondering if they know about this thread yet. Maybe an anonymous email to them with thread link and threat of it going viral will cool Jimbos jets

baitkiller 08-28-2013 6:55 PM

Out off curiosity, how much does this bracket cost?

WakeDirt 08-28-2013 7:10 PM

Well remember that the TWO previous employees that knew about you troubles no longer work there....perhaps their insight and recollection of CA Skier keeping the boat for repairs would be of assistance to you...god knows a few disgruntle ex-employees' words can go a long way...especially if its the truth and in small claims....id track those two ex managers down and contact Mastercraft ASAP.

slipknot 08-29-2013 8:45 AM

Seems like you are getting the run around. Did you buy it from them?

Skip the idiot service managers, and call Chuck the owner why don't you?

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