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steezyshots 08-27-2013 12:36 PM

1st year fantasy player
This will be my first year playing FF and wanted to ask those of you who have experience a few questions about drafting a good team.

Everything I hear is start with Running backs in position 1 and 2, is this good advice? Or do you go with RB QB WR and back to RB?

stephan 08-27-2013 12:53 PM

It really depends on the size of the league, your draft position and if its a keeper league etc. Its all about putting up consistent points and RBs are generally where that happens. There are a few QBs that are just as consistent. If I'm later in a draft I will take an elite QB first round and a 2nd tier RB in the second. It really just depends who is on the board.

Have fun and do a couple mock drafts. As you get to later rounds try and pick a sleeper, they can make your season.

steezyshots 08-27-2013 12:59 PM

I have been mock drafting like crazy, it's an 8 man league all 8 of us are big time S talkers and have already started coming up with bets. I need to win this league!

sidekicknicholas 08-27-2013 1:10 PM

I would say RBs are going to be at a premium this year.... If you have a flex spot I would suggest trying to get a RB there too. If you can have at least 3, but 4+ solid RB choices and they stay healthy, you'll have a ton of trade power too.
.... its common sense, but try and draft guys that don't share the running load with another back.
There are plenty of solid QB options, you could honestly put this on the back burner until 5/6+ rounds

Also having a TE / Def (obscure positions) that can consistently bring you points is really helpful. Don't be afraid to deviate from the ESPN / YAHOO / ETC rankings to grab a solid Defense or TE.

....also its super hard to not like your favorite team sway your decision (or the team you hate).... don't reach for a player on a team you love or let someone good slip by because you hate the team they are on.

ttrigo 08-27-2013 1:17 PM

In an 8 team league, you should have no problems finding a top tier qb in the 4th-6th rounds. Dont draft a kicker or defense until the very end. Theres always one guy who drafts kickers or defense early, and then a couple others jump on board. Dont waste your picks on that. RB's early, and try and load up on a min of 4 in your league. **** talking leagues are always the best!

steezyshots 08-27-2013 3:27 PM

Thanks guys, I am trying to not let my hate for the seahawks cloud my judgment that is the hardest part of this, but I wanna win at all costs.

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