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carloboy 08-25-2013 9:44 PM

CTRL the RM review
Hi Guys,

I want to know some feedback for CTRL RM, I am planning to get one but it seems that I can't find any review with this Board. The description tells that it is a "Rail Master", and I wanna find out if it's true because I ride rails most of the time.

fly135 08-26-2013 9:27 AM

Not much info out there. My CTRL RX wore down to the foam and cracked the wooden spine in 4 months of riding at the cable park. I'd have my reservations about CTRL unless it specifically said it had a grind or sintered base.

behindtheboat 09-03-2013 10:59 PM

2013 CTRL top end boards (Supreme, RM and some more) are some of the most solid I've seen. The 2012 should hold up on quality obstacles for the most part. Their quality and durability have definitely improved. I personally like the Supreme.

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