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zshred 08-25-2013 4:28 PM

2013 Phoenix Project S FOR SALE (NEW & CHEAP)
New 2013 Phoenix Project S just taken out of the package. Only ridin once for 10 minutes. Very very little use. Brand new practically. Size 137. I LOVE this board, just selling it because i got it a size too small.

zshred 08-25-2013 5:11 PM

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/Users/AustinZielinski/Pictures/iPhoto Library.photolibrary/Masters/2013/08/25/20130825-182109/$T2eC16ZHJGkFFm2jEOVFBSEUjteZhQ~~60_57.JPG

/Users/AustinZielinski/Pictures/iPhoto Library.photolibrary/Masters/2013/08/25/20130825-182226/ronix-phoenix-project-s-wakeboard-2013.jpg

wakebordr11 08-25-2013 9:03 PM

I will give you 5 dollhairs

svnfightsvn 08-26-2013 4:16 AM

Post this in the classifieds

zshred 08-26-2013 11:33 AM

Ha ha very funny.
I couldn't find the classifieds but ill keep looking.

thescott 08-26-2013 2:08 PM

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here you go-

zshred 08-26-2013 6:25 PM

Haha thank you

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