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Max35111 08-25-2013 2:31 AM

Wakesurf on a Nautique 216v
Hello guys,

I am looking at buying a used boat here in switzerland, but it's very hard to find a port spot to park the boat.
I finally found a boat that gets sold with its spot and I have an important question about it (and few others)

It's a 2009 crossover 216v team edition (409hp special engine), 85 hrs - 65kchf (65k dol basically)

My main question is about wake surf. Is the wave good enough to practice it? (that would be our main activity)? Should we/can we add additional ballast? How does that work?
Basis the fact I don't really have alternative here, I will need your best knowledge. I know it's not a 210 for ex but does it still handle surf well?
What about this supercharged engine? Does it consume way more fuel? Is it a proven quality engine or does it have more problem than the usual 343 hp?

Thanks a lot for your help. Will try to surf it but need to find a board now

rossco 08-25-2013 4:19 AM

Not real familiar with this boat ,but a don't think your 409 is supercharged. You should be able to get a good wave from it as it is bigger than my boat, put your ballast on the surf side
-bow and stern.

Max35111 08-25-2013 7:46 AM

Thx Rosco. For the engine, just used the term supercharged because it seems bigger than the usual engine for this boat, but i have to admit, i am not sure with the meaning of the word (french native speaker).

cedarcreek216V 08-25-2013 9:26 PM

I own the same boat and it surfs very well. It's no tourney surf boat by any means, but will do great for most any surfer. You can add ballast, that's not a problem. We surf with stock port and belly full, 400 lb sac in the locker on top of the stock rear tank, another 400 lb sac in the transom walk through and a 300 lb sac in the bow on the port side. Any people on top of this just makes it that much better. I am going to get a 750 for the walk through and get one of the long skinny 300 lb fly high sacs for the long storage compartment that runs along the port side. At that point it will be a real nice wave.

You are right, it's not a pro surf boat but I would not have any hesitations about being able to surf And surf good behind it. I don't have any great pics or I would post them. Maybe I'll get some this next weekend.

Max35111 08-26-2013 4:49 PM

Thanks for your reply cedracreek.
Will let you know if we end up buying the boat. Appreciate your comment

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