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LClakelanierGA 08-24-2013 12:11 PM

Ladies that ride on Lake Lanier, Georgia
Hey ladies! I have been wakeboarding for about 14 years now, and have ridden on Lake Lanier for about 9 years. I'm in my thirties, married, have a career, and love to get out on the lake when time permits. I have always had a difficult time finding other women who like to wakeboard, wakesurf, ski, etc. I don't have a boat, but do have a few friends that go out very early on the weekends and I drive them in exchange for a ride. Im an experienced boat driver, If anyone is out there please speak up!! I would like to meet some of you ladies. ...:D

LClakelanierGA 08-29-2013 5:34 PM

Ok. How about a discussion topic?

Maybe this will get the discussion started. What types of summer wetsuits are girls wearing this time of year to help with the cooler air temperature on the morning rides? 1.5 mm, 2mm?


LClakelanierGA 09-01-2013 7:28 AM

Are there any women, girls, ladies, wives out there riding at the lake, Anyone..? If so, where is your favorite cove to ride and why?

KJ865 11-27-2013 7:45 PM

Hey girl! Just joined the sight... I learned to ride 2 summers ago and improved soo much this past summer (helps that my bf and several of our friends own boats haha) we live in Knoxville TN and ride every weekend it is nice...usually friday saturday and sunday! We are looking to go to the new cable park in GA- Terminus in the spring! Not sure how far that is from you but you should meet us there! I've only rode behind a boat so it should be interesting! And if you are ever in Knoxville we'd give you a pull for sure! We love girls that ride...we taught at least 10 girls this summer! :-)

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