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J__bird 08-24-2013 8:29 AM

Moomba Mondo 2014
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What up everyone! Hope every ones summer is going good, as 2013 is coming to a close. The 2014 Boat models are starting to appear here at The Slalom Shop. These are a couple of pics of our newest model in the Moomba Line "The MONDO". Moomba has definitely stepped it up for 2014 we are really stoked on this new model. So if your in the area stop by and take a demo ride!

xstarrider 08-24-2013 9:28 AM

This is definitely not your Moomba of the past. I spent a ton of time inside this boat at Worlds. It has to be one of the deepest and most well thought out interiors for 21 ft boats on the market. I was blown away at the quality and attention to detail. Simple yet effective. The rear storage was chest high on my 6 yr old daughter. The storage Under the seat bases is also very very deep. The storage used rubber matting instead of carpet. I can't wait to dump this thing in the water and get a pull. I was somewhat disappointed in the wake of the redesigned LSV. While I know the hull didn't change the new top deck really changed the wake and the way the boat drove. From the pics and vids of the wake this boat seems money. Anyone who hasn't been in a new Moomba in past 2-3 years really needs to check them out. Their quality and materials in their new lines have moved them up the ladder.

Khyber 08-24-2013 9:44 AM

How much does the Slalom Shop have it listed for?

beleza 08-24-2013 10:01 AM

I actually like it. Needs a tandem axle trailer, but looks nice. I'm a 21' boat kind of guy so this tickles my fancy a bit. Curious to see the price tag. If they can keep it sub 45k-50k ish it might work.

xstarrider 08-24-2013 10:19 AM

Price is gonna be very close to an LSV from what I was told base wise. Within 1-3 k. However Gelcoat and options wise you will have way more choices to option it out. You can also get some upgraded interior combo with different piping and color accents. They had one optioned out with tower speakers, bimini, quad racks, wakeplate, upgraded interior accents, heater, surf ballast, star gazer and flake gelcoat and they were at 61-62. I am sure I missed an option or two maybe stainless rub rail. I couldn't get a spec sheet. . Not sure if that was MSRP or "sale" price.

J__bird 08-24-2013 11:34 AM

This one is going for mid 50's to upper 50's like swatguy said there is several different options and gelcoat upgrades that you can do to a Moomba. But all around Moomba has definitely stepped up their entry level wakeboard boat too the top of the MB,Axis,Tige Market! And the pricing is perfect for the customers that don't want a 90,000 boat and want to stay in the 50's to mid 60's.

Khyber 08-24-2013 11:44 AM

Thanks Jeremy - sweet boat

J__bird 08-24-2013 11:53 AM

Ya man! stay tuned for more 2014 Moomba and Supra> Should be getting our first SC in 30 days

Jmorlan 08-24-2013 12:44 PM

That boat. Is very ugly.

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J__bird 08-27-2013 7:36 AM

Would like to see what you got Jm?

stephan 08-27-2013 7:54 AM


Originally Posted by Jmorlan (Post 1841037)
That boat. Is very ugly.

Yeah and I heard that is the only color you can get any Moomba in! :bang head:

Good to see Moomba continuing its recent history of stepping up its game.

brycejb328 08-27-2013 8:07 AM

I'd buy one...

As much as I like the price you can get some of these good quality entry level boats brand new (and I do like them), it still kinda seems to be a concern that down the road someone will not pay as much for a used Moomba versus other brands... hopefully these new models will start turning that around..

johnny_defacto 08-27-2013 8:25 AM

That boat IS ugly, atleast the color way on the exterior. Why do you ask JM what he has when he gives his opinion that is negative, but do not ask what everyone else has when their opinion is positive?

It's ugly, to him, and to me, but yes you can order yours differently. Only problem is SC has some really good colors and some of the other pictures of this boat have really cool gel schemes which is important on a new boat reveal.

I love the way SC is going. The SA is sexy and the new SC model looks even better. I like the mojo and mondo (not the names though) and am glad there are more quality boats in the 50 price range. Can't wait to get a pull behind my buddies SA... Strong work SC. Strong work.

Jmorlan 08-27-2013 8:43 AM


Originally Posted by J__bird (Post 1841427)
Would like to see what you got Jm?

1986 bay liner I/O with burgundy towels covering the seats. Umad?

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saceone 08-30-2013 2:37 AM

I agree that this boat (gelcoat color I guess) looks horrible

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