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broskier77 08-24-2013 5:37 AM

Learning inverts
Hello. I want to starting doing inverts. What invert should I start out with and how do I do it? I can do wake to wakes and grabs but the only switch tricks i can do are one wake jumps. I am dominantly regular. Any suggestions?

SS_Hooke102 08-24-2013 8:14 AM

Backroll or Tantrum, that being said a lot of people will probably encourage you to dial up your switch riding and 180's first.

broskier77 08-24-2013 8:41 AM

that was what i was thinking. Thanks for the help!

SS_Hooke102 08-24-2013 8:48 AM

no problem man!

TParke 09-16-2013 6:12 AM

If you have a strong TS jump then sometimes frontrolls are easier for people. It is more natural for people to go forward then backwards sometimes. Also I would shorten the line and slow down to get the feel and confidence of flipping with a board on your feet.

skiboarder 09-16-2013 7:32 AM

Do a little research, find a good wake school and spend two days there.

It may seem expensive, but you will spend way more in gas trying it without expert instruction and run a big risk of hurting yourself doing it wrong.

Orange 09-17-2013 1:17 PM

Do a quick search... I remember seeing Kyle Schmidt doing a video series on a "low impact" progression towards inverts. He breaks down a method to sneak up on inverts and learn in a way that is less dangerous / painful / frightening than going straight to a full wake to wake invert.

ToPHeR35 09-18-2013 3:17 PM

LearnWake has a low impact progression backroll vid

mwsriders 11-01-2013 7:13 AM

Yeah, the learnwake low impact backroll is a great place to start. I know many people that learned their first invert that way.

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