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goofytazman 08-22-2013 6:45 PM

sharper wake
I have a 93 prostar 205 and my wake is soft i have ballasted the rear and the wake gets bigger but not sharper any advice would be appreciated

lax4life 08-22-2013 7:06 PM

From what you've described it sounds like you could be riding too close to the boat or too fast. You ideally want a rope length that makes you hit the wake a foot or 2 in front of where it curls and washes out. That is where the wake is steepest and lippiest.

smitty75 08-22-2013 7:11 PM

My wake gets soft when the boat is too slow with too much weight in the rear. If I get some weight up front 50/50 and jump up around 22 mph, gets firm and clean. This is in a 21v, not sure if it will work for you or not.

xstarrider 08-22-2013 7:48 PM

The 205 really likes some weight in the nose. Throw about 400 lbs in there and it will def firm up the wake .

What speed n rope length u riding

goofytazman 08-23-2013 6:00 AM

I am running around 18 to 20 with 65 foot of line

goofytazman 08-23-2013 6:23 AM

I said I have a prostar it is actually a prosport and it is a ski boat probably why the soft wake

skiboarder 08-23-2013 6:31 AM

Ray, That is a little slow and there is no reason that boat can't make a meaty wake.

Try two sacs 500-700 on each side of the motor-cover shifted all the way to the back seat and one more sack through the walkway up the bow. Also, consider bumping your speed up to 22-23 and letting you line out a bit too. A pro-sport is an old pro-star 205 hull I believe and I have a lot of experience with that boat.

xstarrider 08-23-2013 6:38 AM

You are going to want to speed up to 21 22 mph. An add a little to the nose. 18-19 is a little slow and probably not allowing the hull to get up on plane fully. I know when I pull my daughter at 17-19 it really doesn't shape up til 20 and lose the wash n curl.

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