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rene 08-21-2013 12:26 PM

Nacimiento or San Antonio
Hey All,

I'm planning a family camping trip for Labor day weekend to either Nacimiento or San Antonio. I haven't been wakeboarding in a long time because I live in Laguna Beach now and the lakes here in So Cal suck. I miss the near perfect water in the delta. LOL.

So I am looking for some help from my old Wakeworld friends. Which lake do you think is better Nacimiento or San Antonio? What are the water levels right now in each?

Or do you know of a better family lake destination for the Holiday? I don't want to drive too far or I'd go all the way to the delta.

Thanks in advance.

ttrigo 08-21-2013 12:55 PM

Naci. By a long shot. neither water level is high, but San Anton is a mud pit at this point. That just makes the leeches even more prevelant. Although, I would say since you are looking at camping on a holiday weekend in the summer, youre not gonna have very good luck with a family lake destination.

stephan 08-22-2013 12:07 PM

There's a name from the past!

I would agree with ttrigo, Naci is just a better lake. San Antonio has very little water movement and can be quite funky this time of year. Naci has a significantly larger watershed and they continually drain it so the water is moving more. Its also less windy and has protected coves to get out of the wind.

Camping is going to be a zoo on Labor Day. At Naci you have the ability to keep your boat anchored up near your campsite. The camping is annoying as there is usually one group that stays up all night and keeps the campground awake. I doubt its available but Sandy Point is the best site, Eagle Ridge is also good, just more rustic.

San Antonio has two options. South Shore is a little less crowded but you can't leave your boat in the water unless you get a slip. North Shore you can set up shop right on the water and leave your boat anchored.

rene 08-27-2013 3:11 PM

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Hey Guys,

Thanks for the info, I have reservations at Sandy Point for the weekend, but I'm not sure I can go now because I took my X-Star to California Skier (the only Mastercraft in SoCal and they broke the bracket that holds the swim step on, and they are claiming they didn't break it.

California Skier has horrible customer service. I wish I lived closer to Nor-Cal Mastercraft.

Here is a picture of the bracket they broke. This isn't my boat. I found this picture on the Internet.

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