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alcarlaw1 08-21-2013 12:52 AM

Tacho not reading properly - 2000 Xstar
Hi all, hoping I can gain a little advice. The rev counter/tachometer on my 2000 Xstar is pretty much pegged out beyond 6000 rpm. When the engine is running it dances around a little (so the needle is not stuck), but it's off the scale. When the engine is off, the needle still sits off the scale beyond 6000rpm. I have perfect pass so can read the RPM from there (same pickup but upstream of the MDC) but aesthetically, I like to see the gauges all work. Is this a common issue, and if so am I better off trying replacing the tachometer first (although I guess I will loose the hr reading) or is it likely the MDC? From what I have read , MDC failures normally hit all the gauges, not just one. BTW, all other gauges work fine apart from one speedo which was also "frozen".

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