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tnctryboy12 08-20-2013 5:03 PM

new to Vegas
just moved to Vegas in June and am looking for someone to ride with. my riding is nothing to brag about and I actually haven't been on a board In almost 2 years because of work. But now with my relocation from So-Cal I have time to hit the water in the afternoons and the weekends that I don't have my kids. I am good for Gas, Cleanup, and just started getting used to pulling a rider before my work responsibilities took over and I couldn't ride for a while.

travis2 09-02-2013 2:28 AM

Hey i am in vegas and am looking for people to go out. what time in the afternoons are you available?

izzy 09-02-2013 11:09 AM

Shawn & Travis The wife and I go out almost every weekend. We board and surf (nothing special just love riding). We live in North Las Vegas and go out of Callville Bay. One catch...I am out of town until the 20th but after that we should be good to go!

wakeripper 09-02-2013 8:28 PM

Izzy...I saw you coming in to Calville a few weeks ago (hard to miss your boat) as we were going out....Been going to the Wishing Well and doing alot of riding out past the Narrows. Been pretty busy lately and the boat has been sitting in the garage. Ill let you know the next time we head out and maybe we can hook up

LV_Jen 09-08-2013 5:43 PM

Travis and Shawn- I'm not that good at wake boarding or surfing but I always have fun. I have a boat and am always looking for people to go to the lake with. Email me at jenurena@gmail.com. JEN

izzy 09-15-2013 4:27 PM


I remember seeing you that day...we tend to get out early in the day before the other "novice" boaters get out and start drinking. A lake a big as Mead yet still filled with Tards!!!! hehehe

I have been out of town for school for the past 6 week and will be home Friday...planning on hitting the lake Saturday afternoon. We normally head just past the narrows to board and surf...We need to join forces on of these days! Anything to get more weight in the boat...hehehehe

Jen...My wife Kaycee is always looking for other ladies to ride with...we put in at Callville Bay on a regular basis (every weekend if the weather is good) We are not experts (nor novices) just ride for the enjoyment.


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