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ragboy 08-19-2013 11:16 PM

RJ's Birthday, MB B52 23 WB, Supreme V226, Tige 24Ve, Tige Z1, Tige Z3
So on RJs birthday, he wanted to surf. That has been the tradition for a few years. We take him out and everyone just sits back and lets him surf as much he wants for the entire afternoon. Its a big deal, because we are a big family and everyone wants to surf and we usually have 1 or 2 guests. So there is always 6-8 people that want to surf when we go out. No big deal for an older fat guy, but the kids can surf much more if there was more time or less people. On this day, we had some friends that were going to be on the lake so I asked them if it would be alright if RJ at some point during the day could jump on their boat to get a ride, Maddie in tow to film. The idea was that he wanted to surf as many great surf boats as he could in one day.

Every single one of these boats was owned by a wake snob like the rest of us and weighted well, they all made great wakes. So he got to ride:
  • 2012 MB B52 23 WB owned by Derek and Megan Miller
  • 2011 Supreme V226 owned by the Harringtons
  • 2007 Tige 24Ve owned by The Sos family, former wake9.com boat.
  • 2013 Tige Z1 owned by Kyle and Korinn Wood
  • 2012 Tige Z3, the current wake9.com boat.

There was a centurion avalanche weighted pretty good but they left early and RJ never made it to them on time. I got a bunch of pics and video, video will have to come later. I figured with all of the reviews posted and such, these pics are pretty relevant, especially since these are more from a dialed setup, not a demo.

Starting with the B52:

IMG_8980 by wake9, on Flickr

RJ was getting ready to ride a Mendonesia Ashley Kidd model, but I think it was a bit too small for him.

IMG_9002 by wake9, on Flickr

IMG_0410 by wake9, on Flickr

IMG_9012 by wake9, on Flickr

IMG_9087 by wake9, on Flickr

IMG_9094 by wake9, on Flickr

IMG_9106 by wake9, on Flickr

IMG_9123 by wake9, on Flickr

Sorry the watermark is ginormous on a few of these, I just noticed. One camera is lower res, and it caused that.

IMG_0434 by wake9, on Flickr

This is a really good wake shot.

IMG_0441 by wake9, on Flickr

The 24Ve

IMG_9365 by wake9, on Flickr

IMG_9379 by wake9, on Flickr

IMG_9380 by wake9, on Flickr

IMG_9407 by wake9, on Flickr

For some reason, Maddie didn't get any shots of the 226, but I got this one, and she got plenty of video.

IMG_9553 by wake9, on Flickr

This is just a real cool picture of a TWP board from that day.

IMG_9563 by wake9, on Flickr

Tige Z1

IMG_7874 by wake9, on Flickr

IMG_7889 by wake9, on Flickr

IMG_8216 by wake9, on Flickr

IMG_8246 by wake9, on Flickr

IMG_8892 by wake9, on Flickr

IMG_8888 by wake9, on Flickr

DSC_8052 by wake9, on Flickr

DSC_8051 by wake9, on Flickr


ragboy 08-19-2013 11:17 PM

The Z3

RJ on a new Shredstixx Ringer, fun board, he liked it. Still needs more time for a good report.

IMG_8941 by wake9, on Flickr

IMG_8961 by wake9, on Flickr

IMG_9250 by wake9, on Flickr

IMG_9453 by wake9, on Flickr

IMG_9580 by wake9, on Flickr

IMG_9602 by wake9, on Flickr

I got one not so good pic, very late, of 4 of the boats. The MB had to leave early, long drive. The Z1 is way in the back.

IMG_9619 by wake9, on Flickr

I think RJ had an epic day, and everyone had fun hopping around boats and having a good time, sharing boards, tons of fun.

cwb4me 08-20-2013 4:42 AM

Great pics! Thanks again Robert.

Squid 08-20-2013 12:03 PM

No goat in a boat?.....see ya in TX!

ragboy 08-20-2013 12:19 PM

No, RJ did tandem with Hunter instead.

iamcdn 08-20-2013 12:22 PM

Thanks for the pics Robert. You can really see the relatively lower list of the Tiges vs the others. To me that is a huge benefit.

ragboy 08-20-2013 1:25 PM

Yes, the 24Ve is an example of old school tige, 15-20 degrees of list. I think Derek had like 4k of ballast in there. The Z1 about 3000 and the Z3 a bit more, but we have a setup now that is about 3k, and is better than the above, something we have just been working on.

Our favorites are def the Z1 and Z3, they are almost the same wake, but these are all great boats.

Rob17 08-21-2013 10:07 PM

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That was a fan flippin tastic day. Playing on and behind all these boats was just a blast.
Kind of like a Polar Bear preview. Friends, boats, and boards...
What more could ya ask for????

ragboy 08-21-2013 11:35 PM

That's a great picture.

cwb4me 08-22-2013 4:35 AM

Boating is about having fun! Glad to see you all enjoying yourselves! Great shot Rob17!

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