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Midnightv10 08-19-2013 3:00 PM

Eat My Wake
Out on the river this weekend and up rolls this jackwagon..:cool:


shawndoggy 08-19-2013 3:05 PM


WakeDirt 08-19-2013 9:31 PM

I wish it were a jet ski...and your wave made it explode.

Gotmods 08-19-2013 9:48 PM

No fix for stupid. Huge body of water but he runs up on you. Enjoy your submarine jack hole.

detonate69 08-19-2013 10:25 PM

That guy wasn't even close to you. At all.

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mccormickscablepark 08-20-2013 6:57 AM

I feel bad for the guy having to surf to Britney Spears music

Midnightv10 08-20-2013 7:21 AM

^ Ha! yeah, close, Samantha Mumba

Pad1Tai 08-20-2013 7:52 AM

Haha.. Yeah what a combo...... Britney rolls right into AC/DC... At least the dude has some redemption...

sandm01 08-20-2013 4:32 PM

looks like an aluminum river runner. they take waves bigger than our wakes all day long.

MCObray 08-21-2013 3:16 AM

Tha was awesome.

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