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bigcatpt 08-17-2013 9:59 PM

Help weighing a 2008 SAN 230 for surfing
I have a buddy that just purchased a 2008 SAN 230. They are new to inboard boats and surfing in general. I am going to go out with them and help them try to dial in their surf wave. I can bring about 3000 lbs in fat sacs along to do the job. I am just looking for a starting place since I have no experience with Nautiques. i believe the boat currently just has stock ballast in it. From the reading I have been doing it sounds like the boat needs a lot of weight to throw a good wave. Also any info about the little trim tab in the back (I am sure it has a real official sounding name) and what position it should be in for port and starboard side waves. I am so lost once I step out of my Centurion surf wave world. Thanks in advance for any help!

scottb7 08-18-2013 6:32 AM

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I have 2008 sante 210. I have hard tanks pulled, and have 1100 sacs in the corners, and I go with port side 1100 nearly full, 600 lb (w705) under love seat nearly full (see pic), starboard obviously empty, belly full, gas tank usually 3/4 full (probably does not matter much), handle actually on ramp, NOT vert, surprisingly makes a big difference. Great wake from 9.5 speed on up.

bigcatpt 08-19-2013 9:11 AM

Scott thanks for your reply! I assume the 230 will take a little more weight than the 210? And can you explain "handle actually on ramp, NOT vert, surprisingly makes a big difference". I am not sure what that means..... Thanks!

Someone out there with a SAN 230 wanna chime in???? I really appreciate the help.

scottb7 08-19-2013 10:05 AM

There is a little handle next to throttle that allows you to raise lower the trim tab.

laptom 08-19-2013 1:27 PM

Just rocking our 230 with stock ballast. 3 people in the boat and smile all night.

Imho the 230 has a surpricently good surf wake. We surfed once with 15 people and stock ballast, wake was HUGE.

bigcatpt 08-19-2013 7:57 PM

What does the stock ballast weigh in the 2008 SAN 230?
Are they hard tanks that can be removed and replaced by fat sacs easily? What is the largest size fat sacs that will fit in the rear lockers? Can it handle the Jumbo 1100 pound fat sacs?

bigcatpt 08-21-2013 10:19 AM


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