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typhoon 08-15-2013 7:23 AM

Monster Tower MT@ review? Shed some light??
i am interested in this tower but this review scares me a bit. Can anyone tell me if this review is misleading? I have a hard time believing that this tower is that loose as the video at the end shows but can anyone else answer to this? Is there really that much lateral movement? I was looking that this tower and the older titan (star one tower). thanks


retoxtony 08-15-2013 10:03 AM

I was looking at that tower too a few months ago and read the same review. I don't know if its really misleading or if they just came across a tower that someone did a poor job installing. They did say in the review that they see lots of monster towers with no movement but this one did. I have no idea who does those reviews or if they work for a certain company or not but they do make some good observations. I did end up buying the tower they rate #1 but it wasnt because of the review. I just thought it looked the best (very similar to a MT2) and i had to drill the least amount of holes in the boat. It was also less money than the Monster which is always nice.

brycejb328 08-15-2013 10:22 AM

I can't speak for every review out there, but I know this tower is commonly not installed 100% correct. I had that tower on my Tige and when I bought the boat, it did not have the bolts installed at the rear upper joints. There is a large bolt going through the center and once everything is set up and installed, there are additional bolts that are to be installed to make everything solid so it does not tweak side to side. I have literally seen boats being trailered down the highway with these lopsided monster towers... its due to incomplete installation.

I enjoyed the tower and it was easy to fold down and put up. Heck... I cant even get the pins in on my illusion tower without someones assistance.

mro 08-15-2013 3:18 PM

I have one and its fine. But I will say if you use those quick release knobs it will creak and sway a bit. Main bolts like that need to be more than hand tight. The tower will come with bolts to give you the option. After 5 years I'm seeing a tiny bit of rust on some of the top bolts - a non issue.
I'd say that review is recockulous. For it to move that much, if at all, its either the top deck flexing or every bolt is loose. With that test boat being a maxum, I suspect the latter. That company is better known for making magazines with great lingerie sections.

typhoon 08-15-2013 11:13 PM

it is just very hard to believe with monster's great reputation. it just does not add up but I wanted someone to hopefully dispel this.

kmac1587 08-16-2013 6:27 AM

I have the MT1 on my 92 Nautique and LOVE IT. You do need to really tighten the bolts down but have found my tower to be more sturdy and nowhere near as noisy as a friends malibus that by looking at it would appear to be very solid.

jordanh 08-16-2013 7:48 PM

I have the monster mt1 tower. Love the tower. I only have 2 negative things to say about the tower. First of all is the swivel point for the rope. The monster tower just has a plastic spool that is a slip fit over an aluminum mount. When I was idling around the lake the plastic spool would rattle around. To solve this I machined myself a new aluminum spool with two sealed ball bearings. ROCK SOLID and smooth now. I did not modify anything on the tower. I can swap between the noisy crap plastic piece or the solid aluminum spool. I can get pictures if needed.

My second con is the front heim joint on the front two tower lets. They have a bit of slop so if I grab the tower and shake it you can hear clicking that echoes through the tower. That is the only noise my tower makes.

jordanh 08-16-2013 7:56 PM


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