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brycejb328 08-14-2013 2:12 PM

Bow weight for VLX
Unfortunately my 2006 VLX did not come with the 4 hard tanks. It has the 2 rears and the midship tank. NO front hard tank.

I haven't messed around with the ballast set up too awful much but I have found out that putting a 400lb bag as far forward in the walkway really makes the wake shape up nicely (hence the reason they probably offered it with the additional front tank). Eventually I will do rear bags probably the 400's on each side. I believe with the stock hard tanks, that would total 1300 just in the rear... right?

So what is my best bet to get the weight I need up front. The obvious is the open bow bag at 1000 lbs, but then again I am not crazy about having the bow completely taken up by a bag. Anyone had the integrated bow sac in their VLX? does it fit well? How much do you think your ale to fill it too?

Any feedback from someone with similar set ups is greatly appreciated.

brian_young 08-14-2013 8:08 PM

I have a '08 VLX. I would suggest a combination of pop bags/lead, plus your 400 lbs bag. That hull loves nose weight, especially if you are using the wedge.

I do have the front tank, but here is my set up to give you an idea of distribution.

Plumbed in:
Rear: removed rear tanks and plumbed in 565 on each side.
Midship: full factory
Nose: full factory

400 in walkway
pop bags
4 on each side in the bow cut outs
3 under the helm
3 under the observer dash
4 in the cooler
4 under the cushion opposite of the cooler
1 under each rear corner cushion (there is just enough room on the floor with the rear tanks removed)
2 floating around the cabin to clean the wake up as needed.

Wedge all the way down.

RWBVride 08-15-2013 5:22 AM

There is a benefit to not having the front tank. You have storage under the bow seating! I have the same set up on my 07 VLX. It hasn't posed a problem at all. I run 750lb bags in each rear locker as full as I can get them without popping the engine dividers. I completely fill the 1,000lb open bow sack plus the stock ballast full and no wedge. The wake is great! I do run a 1615-112m Acme prop to get this all on plane as well. If you like a big wake you will love this. Good luck.

tranner 08-15-2013 8:32 AM

I only have 3 tanks in my 06 VLX as well (mid tank + 2 rear tanks) and here is what I run:

No wedge
Full MLS (3 tanks = approx. 1,000 lbs) + 10@50 lb Leadwake bags (500 lbs) in the bow as far forward as I can put them + 2@750 lb sacks filled about 75% full (approx. 1,110 lbs) and laying on top of the rear hard tanks + a standard crew of 6 people.
Standard Monsoon
Acme 1235 prop
23 mph with 75 ft line (includes handle)
23.6 mph with 80 ft line (includes handle)

brycejb328 08-15-2013 9:30 AM

I am actually surprised by the no wedge usage. It seems to make a big difference when I am running with just the 3 hard tanks and 400 in the bow. Maybe not so much with the extra weight in the rear....? or does it not plane with all the rear weight + wedge?

Still no one who has done the fly high integrated bow sack....??

@Brian - you removed the rear hard tanks that are below the floor? So are your bags totally above the floor or is that whole floor panel removed.. I haven't really messed around back there to see what is going on..

brian_young 08-15-2013 10:00 AM

I removed the tanks and the floor, so the bags are sitting directly on the hull. I originally had them set up as piggyback, but did not like how the bags kept the carpet wet and would mildew. I was taking the bags out every time, too much hassle. One of the best things I ever did to the boat.

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