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da_moose 08-14-2013 1:44 PM

Tow~In Skim Boarding on 20+foot Waves


No fin, No bindings

Dustfarter 08-14-2013 2:42 PM

Not to highjack too much but here is the greener alternative to tow in. Also strapless.......



jarrod 08-14-2013 3:19 PM

That's pretty amazing, but why not ride it on a surfboard so that you can turn and rip through the wave without looking like you're just barely hanging by a thread the entire time. You can see that the board isn't tracking.....it's sliding sideways with the nose pointed toward the camera.

Huge props for being able to stay on the board and do that. A surfboard looks like more fun though.

ttrigo 08-14-2013 4:48 PM

I used to skim all up and down in Malibu and zuma. Catching decent size shorebreak and riding that in was tough enough. I can't imagine how hard it was for him to ride such big waves on a skim board. Nutty.

migs 08-14-2013 8:37 PM

"Surfin just too easy Brahdah"

wakemitch 08-14-2013 9:14 PM

Jarrod, he is breaking new ground. He has some other videos where he is doing Ollie 3s, 360 shuvits, and big spins on huge waves. You can't do some of the stuff he does on a surfboard.
It reminds me of wakeskating vs wakeboarding. Similar but different

da_moose 08-14-2013 11:19 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Todd Marton Surfed for me in the 80's, thay called him "Glue Foot"
That's Da New " Glue Foot" That Kite Boarder OFF Da HooK

da_moose 08-27-2013 10:56 PM

Can Someone Tell me how that Kite boarder Keeps his Board to his Feet???
Just one Person

JamesHawk101 08-28-2013 1:47 PM


Originally Posted by da_moose (Post 1841640)
Can Someone Tell me how that Kite boarder Keeps his Board to his Feet???
Just one Person

Air man. All about the wind pushing it against there feet.

da_moose 08-28-2013 6:00 PM

Thanks ,I can See that... But Wow

gene3x 08-30-2013 9:36 AM

Cracks me up watching that skimboarders arms pumping back and forth just to keep his balance. Hahahaha

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