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Jmaxymek 08-08-2013 11:50 AM

Full Length Movies?
As I entered my votes for the Riders Choice Awards, I made it down the lines and came across the option to vote for a full length movie but I couldn't really bring anything to mind within the last 12 months.. This could be due to one of three things-

1: I don't know how long twelve months is and have missed something that may have released early this season
2: I haven't been paying enough attention
3: I don't know what constitutes "full length"

Leaning towards option 3 because maybe it's just me, but a video I watch on my computer doesn't seem full length to me. 15 minutes? 30? An hour?

As for my selection, a video comes to mind but I'm not remembering for the life of me what it's called... I believe I saw it on here though. I think it was a trip to Thailand, video was like 15-16 minutes long or something like that? It's going to kill me.

wakeboardlf25 08-09-2013 4:55 AM

It was most likely the Breddas web edit called "One shot" I think. At least that was the stand out web edit for me. I might be wrong but the only full length movie that came out recently was lip smack.

Kane 08-09-2013 6:54 AM

Perhaps "This time Around" or "Republication"? Both on vimeo, great 15 to 20 minute features.

Jmaxymek 08-09-2013 6:21 PM

THIS TIME AROUND!! Thank you haha it was killing me

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