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Hunter92 08-07-2013 12:49 PM

Building a ramp
I was looking at building a pretty decent sized wakeboard ramp for the water...any suggestions. I want to spend as least money as possible.

99Bison 08-11-2013 11:43 AM

Someone down the lake from me just put one up, I can take pics perhaps...

jimdockett 08-13-2013 9:19 AM

One sheet of 2 inch thick blue insulation foam from lowes or Home Depot will float it if that is necessary ($10) If you can post it into the ground you should build it out of pallets. Get three of the same size and screw them together with 12 ft 2x4's on each side. Choose your sliding direction and don't leave any edges sticking up where you connect them. Stake in posts for the back and front and put a few cross braces and you have yourself a kicker. Oh and don't forget to wax it! Candle will work. Hit me back if you have any more questions.

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