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waketowake 08-06-2013 6:12 PM

Go Pro hero 3 behind a G23

Had a chance to film behind a G, and it was sick

captain_vilfo 08-06-2013 8:56 PM

nice vid..

even nicer shot of the hottie who does backrolls.

jaybee 08-07-2013 8:13 AM

What is the song in the vid?

chillinoj 08-07-2013 8:38 AM

That looked like a great day out on the water. Sick boat and great riding to go with it

waketowake 08-07-2013 8:50 AM

The song is sleepless

juniorhawk 08-07-2013 9:40 AM

Amazing video.... really nice. thank you.

V8_Killer 08-07-2013 6:18 PM

Great shooting and editing. That guy with the long hair has some nice style, and he pulls it off with a lot of line tension which is extra impressive.

rplogue7 08-07-2013 8:50 PM

Sweet edit

ffmedic74 08-08-2013 5:46 AM

What program you use for edits?

waketowake 08-08-2013 7:28 AM


Originally Posted by ffmedic74 (Post 1837899)
What program you use for edits?

final cut pro x

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