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Ciewakeboarder 08-05-2013 9:26 AM

Just got to the Baltimore area from the Houston. I worked at m2 sports as a wakeboard instructor and am looking for a pull. Let me know ASAP. Dying to get back out

johndk 08-12-2013 8:16 AM

Hey Cody,

I try to get out on the weekend when I can get other people to go (not nearly often enough). You're welcome to come if you don't mind driving down to Woodbridge, VA (probably about 90 minutes). I'm sure the other people on my boat would be amazed, since they think my heelside wake jumps and 180s are awesome.


nickt410 08-14-2013 5:45 AM

Cody I ride on the magothy just about every weekend. We are always looking for new riders.

blacksk8er703 08-14-2013 12:32 PM

I've never been wakeskating before but i'm about to get a remote wakeskate. I didn't think anyone in my area even did this... John how long you been wakeskating?

skyebluerose 09-13-2013 11:52 AM

We ride in Arnold, Pasadena, Magothy area. Always want new riders! I am always looking to ride!

johndk 09-13-2013 11:55 AM

Jamal I just saw your comment about wakeskating. That must have been meant for a different thread... I've only wakeskated a few times and not for a couple of years at least.

BKINGK2 05-28-2014 12:32 PM

Woodbridge Va
Hey John,

Are you still going out this 2014 season? If so and you are looking for someone to ride with I am always trying to get out. Thanks and let me know.

johndk 05-29-2014 7:23 PM

Hey Brad, yup I'll send you a PM.

KGar11 05-31-2014 7:20 AM

Hey John

I would also be interested in getting a pull. I used to ride around the woodbridge area but I've been somewhat of a cable rat the past few summers. Would love to get back out behind the boat. Please send me an email when you get a chance. kevingarner11@gmail.com Thanks!

VTWakeboard 07-19-2014 2:56 PM


Moved to Fredricksburg if you need a third let me know. Good for Driving and Gas $$. Pm wasnt working 804-461-1536 jeffjgoldblum@gmail.com

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